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Posted on 06/15/2009

Comfort in Your SunroomAre you considering one of the newest trends in homebuilding today - polished, stamped or stained concrete flooring? Even if you aren’t building a new home, perhaps you have considered putting an addition on your house such as a sunroom…or, a garage. You’ll appreciate a warm concrete floor when its time to relax and enjoy your 3- season room or change the oil in your garage on a cool Saturday morning. Now, with WarmlyYours concrete heating cable, you can design your concrete floors to be as warm as they are beautiful.

Decorative concrete flooring is a hot trend and a perfect companion to a warm floor. WarmlyYours new electric heating cable product allows you to warm naturally cold concrete efficiently and economically. Why not “kick up” your decorative concrete flooring design a notch? With concrete floor heating, you’ll enjoy the radiant heat of your basement, garage or sunroom addition just as much as any other room in your home.

Let WarmlyYours Experts Do The Thinking For You!
We are ready to design the concrete floor heating system that is an exact fit for your project. There are no pipes, boilers, tubing, tanks or noisy pumps. Our concrete floor heating cable is simple to install and is embedded right in the middle of a 4” to 6” concrete poor. Just send us your project details and let our experts do the thinking for you. We will provide you with a custom installation plan and recommend a control that is just right for your project.

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Vickie Wash

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Yes, i was looking for a new kind of material for my new home which is going to be constructed this year and i was worried as to what kind of flooring to be laid
i think this is something good

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