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Turning Your Garage Into An Art Or Music Studio
Posted on 07/19/2012 by Kathryn Scott


The garage is a great space to use in ways it was never intended. Whether you've got one car in a two car garage or happen to live in one of those rust-free Southwestern climates where parking outside is always...

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Tags: radiant news, home remodeling

Reevaluating The Role Of Your Home's Hallways
Posted on 07/19/2012 by Kathryn Scott


When you redecorate, the first spaces you usually look to are the kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms. These are the hearts of the home, where you restore your energy, engage with family and friends, enjoy some entertainment and rest your...

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Tags: radiant news, radiant floor heating

Remodeling Trend: Style Over Profit
Posted on 07/18/2012 by Linnay Grosche


As you may know, the remodeling industry is at its highest level since 2007, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and should continue to increase throughout the year! In order to remodel within the next two years,...

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Designing Your Ideal Home Gym
Posted on 07/17/2012 by Kathryn Scott


Joining a local gym isn't for everyone. There's noise, crowds, wait times for machines and televisions constantly tuned to the least interesting cable stations. It can be an exhausting experience way before you even put in your treadmill time. We...

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Tags: radiant news, radiant floor heating

Designing The Home Library Of Your Dreams
Posted on 07/16/2012 by Kathryn Scott


Some people dream of entertainment centers carefully calibrated to give you the very best in surround sound and high definition. Other people want nothing more than a walk-in closet. Families make plans to finish basements, other folks construct greenhouses in...

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Tags: radiant news, radiant floor heating

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