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Environ Easy Mats Floor HeatingIs it a Good Fit Under Carpet?

The perception that electric floor heating isn't effective under carpet has changed with new research. Conducted in England by the Carpet Foundation in conjunction with the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association, the research "proved conclusively that any carpet can be used over an underfloor heating system without impairing the performance of the system."

Most conventional carpet types are suitable for use over heated floors, but WarmlyYours recommends that you consult with the carpet manufacturer to determine if the backing is suitable for long periods of exposure to low heat.

Environ Easy Mats Electric Floor Heating System Installs Between the Pad and Carpet

WarmlyYours' Environ Easy Mats floor heating system is designed specifically for use with carpet. Unlike other floor heating systems, Environ Easy Mats installs in between your carpet's padding and your carpet, rather than underneath both the carpet's padding and the carpet. Environ's installation method is far more effective for two reasons. First, the carpet's padding, which is positioned over the subfloor and under the electric floor heating, acts as insulation which prevents a certain amount of heat loss into the subfloor. Additionally, having only one layer - the carpet - between the floor heating system and you increases the amount of radiant heat that penetrates the carpet layer. This leads to greater efficiency which produces faster warm up times, higher expected surface temperatures and lower energy usage.