EasyStat Dual Voltage Electric floor heating programmable thermostat

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An Awesome Experience

From Diane Peters to technical support it was an awesome experience.They helped me troubleshoot my old automatic one and when I installed the new one, it works like a charm. Thanks for everything!

Jay Matar, Swansea, MA
Dec 19, 2013

WarmlyYours Responds
Thank you for working with us! We're glad we could help! Have a great day!


These units put heat where you need it - they complete zone heating. No need to heat whole house! Saves money. Excellent!

Peter Lavelle, Port Angeles, WA
Feb 03, 2013

James Wescott, Aston, PA
Dec 18, 2012

James Wescott, Aston, PA
Dec 18, 2012

Glad I bought from you

I had a customer have me replace his thermostat since his went bad. It came from a local electrical supply house and cost more than mine that I got from you, and they are the same brand. Glad I bought from you.

Warren Phillips, Council Bluffs, IA
Nov 09, 2011

This controller is much better than the original design and k

This controller is much better than the original design and keeps our floor at the temperature we want.

Jan 22, 2011

Works ok

No wiring diagram provided, I had to dig this up on line. Works OK.

Alan Johnston, Victoria, BC
Apr 22, 2010