TempZone Easy Mats Electric Floor Heating for Tile and Stone

TempZone™ Easy MatFrequently Asked Questions

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TempZone™ Easy Mats are to warm a specific area of a room - and are not intended for wall-to-wall coverage. They are perfect for in front of a vanity, shower, bath tub - any area you will be spending a lot of your time in.
The mat will heat mainly the area it is installed directly beneath. Heat will travel beyond but only a little on the flooring area - most of the heat will travel up and into the room.
In some cases yes - if you leave the TempZone™ Easy Mat on 24/7 and maintain a certain temperature - start at 82°F and adjust from there - and use one of our larger sizes - and have a well insulated room - you will see good results with the TempZone™ Easy Mat.
Yes they do, the Easy Mats will work with any control designed to work with our TempZone™ Systems including the nSpire series thermostats, SmartStat™, EasyStat™, Comfort Regulator and Timer, for more information on our range visit our controls page.