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Simply design your room online with MyProjects™ using the exact dimensions and measurements and you will be presented with an instant quote and free installation plan for your heated floor. The ability to save your quote and return on another day to correct it or complete the ordering process is also available.

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  • Start MyProjects™ and draw your room online
  • Buy online or send us your floorplan for a free overnight quote and installation plan

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Let us do the thinking for you. All we ask is that you download a floor plan grid from our site, sketch out your desired heating area, including the measurements, and either fax it back to (800) 408-1100 or submit using the uploads page for a free overnight quote and installation plan.

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  • Download the
  • For slab heating, also download our Slab Heating Request Quote Form
  • Scan and Upload your file or fax it to (800) 875-5285
  • WarmlyYours will send you a free overnight quote and installation plan

Heatloss Calculator

WarmlyYours TempZone™ Floor Heating systems can be an effective primary heat source. However this effectiveness can vary given such variables as climate, insulation and position of the room that you want to heat in your home. This innovative online tool can help you determine if the room you would like to heat is a good candidate.

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  • Visit the heatloss calculator and enter your project details
  • Buy online or send us your floorplan for a free overnight quote and installation

Heatloss Calculator

SPECIAL NOTE: When setting the temperature of your floor heating system, ensure compliance with the floor covering manufacturer's required maximum temperature limit, if applicable to your floor covering type. Due to some flooring manufacturer's maximum temperature limitations, some floor covering types may not serve as an optimal choice for a primary/sole heating source.