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Adding Aging In Place Improvements To Your Bathroom

As homeowners across the country continually update their existing homes as an alternative to moving, you may start to think about getting projects out of the way that you could complete down the road. While you may not want to think about it, growing older in your current space may require various bathroom improvements, so incorporating a few of these into your current remodeling project could save you thousands down the road. Here are a few aging-in-place improvements that can improve your bathroom's utility and get it ready for your golden years.

1. Shower accessories. Mobility is a major concern as people age, so adding a few improvements to your bathtub or shower stall is ideal to avoid falls and ease the strain on joints, according to AARP.com. Consider installing a few handrails on the sides of your bathing area, as well as adding a seat to one end. This can make the shower process much easier as you age, and you can start to enjoy them immediately.

2. Low-impact flooring. Easing strain on joints is a major concern for some people, so removing natural stone or tile that offers less "give" than other floor coverings is a good choice. Cork flooring can be a great improvement that can complement most bathroom decorative schemes and provide far more support for knees and joints. If you've been considering radiant floor heating, cork works very well for its ability to expand and contract with changing temperatures. As an added bonus, the flooring is considered to be a sustainable material since it is harvested from renewable resources.

3. Adequate space. According to AgeInPlace.com, the layout of your bathroom is just as important as the accessories you use to improve its utility. When you start to factor in walkers, wheelchairs and other devices, your washroom must be able to have enough space to move around with these devices. As you're remodeling your bathroom, keep this factor in the back of your mind to increase traffic flow and versatility in the future.

Thinking of how you're going to deal with your bathroom in your later years is not something that most people want to think about, but it could be a good investment to get out of the way. Aging in place improvements can help save you thousands in renovations and instantly make your bathroom a safer place.

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