animals can enjoy radiant heated floors too

When Anne purchased a WarmlyYours under area rug warmer, little did she know that not only would it transform her living room into a warm, cozy and inviting space, but that her pets would come to enjoy it as much as she did. Anne’s large shepherd and 2 tabby cats cuddle up together in the living room and vie for their precious spot on top of the warm rug.

Underneath is a WarmlyYours under area rug warmer which delivers radiant warmth evenly across the full surface of the area rug. A few months ago, when WarmlyYours R & D department discovered that the cord connection to the plug of the warmers was not performing as expected, WarmlyYours issued a voluntary recall. Letters were sent to all 200 customers requesting that they return the units’ detachable cord for a refund or replacement. Anne responded to WarmlyYours, “I certainly want a replacement: we enjoyed our floor warmer immensely; enclosed are a couple of photos of some of our family members enjoying the floor warmer and who will also miss it.” Anne is not alone. Mitch from California said, "I love your product and I appreciate the fact that you are performing a voluntary recall. I have every intention of getting a replacement rather than returning the product and I also intend to purchase your in floor heating when they've finished roughing in walls and I can be absolutely sure what the real measurements are."

We're so sorry that Anne and her pets missed out on the rug warmer for a few weeks! But, we are happy to report that the Recall Team is now working diligently to refund or replace all of the substandard warmers with the new and improved product for all 200 customers.