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"WarmlyYours Quick Estimator Tool Customized for Your Website"

The WarmlyYours Quick Estimator (QE) Tool puts estimating power directly in your hands, giving you the ability to add a smart, easy-to-use floor heating estimator tool to your own website, without making any major changes. With this tool, you will reinforce your customers’ confidence in purchasing WarmlyYours electric radiant floor heating products from you, while also giving your employees the power to better serve your customers with their floor heating estimates. Read More

"NAHB Remodeling Market Index Increases in the Fourth Quarter"

NAHB’s Remodeling Market Index (RMI) for the fourth quarter of 2011 increased to 46.6 from 41.7 in the third quarter. At 46.6, the overall RMI is now as close to the break-even point of 50 as it has been since 2006. An RMI above 50 indicates that more remodelers report market activity is higher (compared to the prior quarter) than report it is lower. The overall RMI is an average of two major sub-indices, both of which increased in the fourth quarter. The sub-index based on remodelers’ perception of current market conditions rose to 48.4 from 43.0 in the previous quarter. The sub-index based on future indicators of remodeling business increased to 44.8 from 40.4. Read More

"Keeping Up with the Green Joneses"

The Montverdes are dream remodeling clients. The family is über-tasteful (the mom, an interior designer, wants a work-at-home space), multigenerational (a mother-in-law has moved in) and growing (a baby is on the way). Plus, they're interested in energy and water conservation, whole-home automation and sustainability -- and they have the budget for all that and more. If only they were real. The Montverdes are the fictional inhabitants of the forthcoming VISION House® at Walt Disney World's Epcot®. Scheduled to open at the Innoventions exhibit by April 15 (Earth Day), the Epcot house is the latest in the VISION House demonstration home series of Green Builder Media. Visitors to the theme park will get to "meet" the family, and experience their 2,000-square-foot home, through a guided tour led by Disney "cast members." Read More

"Tech Tips: Cold Weather Concrete Installations"

Before winter begins, many customers consider installing a snow melting system to relieve the need for shoveling or plowing. And, with unprecedentedly warm weather in the Midwest region of the U.S., snow-melting installations continued well into the winter months, when the installation season usually ends in the early fall months. As many of you know, the installation process for a snow melting system is done best in weather above 50° F and below 90° F. When the weather is colder, installing one of these systems and pouring concrete can be risky and increasingly more difficult. Concrete is known to be very sensitive to temperature. As the weather becomes colder, concrete tends to set up more slowly and it takes longer to complete. But the riskiest part of pouring concrete is the threat of it freezing. Read More


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