Can Snow melting products be installed under permeable pavers?

Yes.  Information on how to install under permeable pavers can be found in section 4.6 of the Installation Manual

.  Excavate 18” and fill with #2 aggregate/stone.
.  4” of #57 stone
.  2” of #9 stone to serve as the paver setting bed.
.  The heating cable is installed within the #9 stone layer.

To maximize the amount of heat transferred from the heating cable to the pavers, the stone separating the cable and pavers needs as much contact with both as possible. Crushed stone with fines transfers the most heat, but doesn’t drain, so it isn’t used in a permeable installation. Instead, smaller drainage stone (#9) is used because it has more contact with the cable and transfers more heat than larger stone.
Note: do not install the cable at the top so it’s touching the pavers. Potential movement by the pavers over time could wear through the protective coating of the cable and short out the entire installation.

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