For the nSpire Touch thermostat managing a radiant panel, what should the set-up answers be to the following:

- If we aren’t using it for floor, how do we handle the Load Measurement. Do we set that to on or off?

If you do not desire the reporting feature, turn it off.

- For set the floor load, what do we put there?

If you desire the reporting feature, enter the result of your panel's wattage divided by 1000. For example, the Ember Flex Radiant Panel Heater - 700W parameter would be set to .7

- Set floor protection - what do we put in there, “disabled”?

Yes, since the radiant panel is not reliant on an external floor sensor it should be disabled.

- For the Ember Flex panels, do they actually heat up and cool down based on the set point/target temperature? We’ve been running them on timer plugs and they seem to either be all on or all off.

You are correct, they operate as an on/off operation. The panels in this configuration will run until the ambient set temperature is achieved.

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