How to connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Cause: Connecting to Amazon Alexa

When you have successfully set up a WiFi connection and connected your thermostat to the app, you can connect your thermostat to Amazon Alexa home system.

1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
2. Click “Devices” from the menu tab at the bottom of the screen.
3. Select “+” in the upper right corner.
4. Click “Add device”.
5. Find and select “Thermostat’ under “All devices”.
6. Choose “Other”.
7. Click on “Skill store”, which is marked with a blue color.
8. In the upper right corner, press “Search”. Type “UWG4” and choose the skill called "UWG4 Thermostat".
9. Press “Enable to use”.
10 Use your login information for the UWG4 app and press “Link now”. Your thermostat will be linked with this skill and your Amazon Alexa device.
11. Click on “Close”.

Your thermostat is now connected to the Amazon Alexa system!

Voice command examples:
“Alexa, what’s the temperature in the bathroom”

Cause: Connecting to Google Assistant

Before setting up voice control for the thermostat, you need a Google account that has been connected to the Google Home app.

1. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet.
2. At the top left, tap “Add” (+) - “Set up device” - “Works with Google”.
3. Select the manufacturer of the device from the list. Search “UWG4” and select “UWG4 Smart Thermostat”.
4. Follow the in-app steps to complete setup

a. Sign into the UWG4 app with your login information.
b. Read and accept the grants page.
c. Your thermostat should now appear as available to be linked to Google Home.
d. Choose the thermostat and click “Next” in the bottom right corner.
e. Select a location for your thermostat and click “Next”.

Your thermostat is now set up and you can try different voice commands using the thermostat name that you chose in the Google Home app.

Voice command example:
“Hey Google, set the temperature to 70 degrees”

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