Home Depot Store, Exclusive TempZone Floor Warming Kits

Home Depot USA Exclusive Products

At WarmlyYours we have been working with Home Depot since 2009 and we are proud to feature and offer exclusive products at Home Depot.

WarmlyYours Home Depot Exclusive TempZone Mini Mat Kit with EasyStat or SmartStat controller

Exclusively Featuring the TempZone Floor Warming Kits

The TempZone™ Floor Warming Kits are an electric floor heating systems that can be installed easily under ceramic tile, natural stone, hardwood, wood, and other floor coverings. TempZone™ consists of a heating cable secured onto a green mesh fabric, the heating cable is placed in a serpentine loops always staying 2 inches apart to produce a even heat throughout the flooring area.

TempZone™ Floor Warming Kits are sold in three available sizes:

Product Features:

  • Floor Heating Roll
  • SmartStat Programmable Thermostat
  • Circuit Check