When the days are shorter and the mornings are colder, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed early to shovel snow from your driveway. With WarmlyYours heated driveway system, endless shoveling is a thing of the past, even in the harshest of climates.

Outdoor Heating Systems for Driveways

Our driveway heating solutions are available as either snow melting mats or cables, which are embedded directly in concrete, asphalt, or in mortar under pavers. They're ideal for both residential use and commercial applications, and for any size or shape of driveway.

A complete snow melting system will typically include at least the heating elements (snow melting mats or cables) and a control (like the Advanced or Premium snow melting controls), but may also require additional components like a relay panel or an identification plaque.

Take a look at our comprehensive Heated Driveway Design Guide or if you have any questions about what you might need for your project, make sure to contact our 24/7 Technical Support team via phone, chat, or email.

  • Easier/faster to install than cable but slightly higher cost
  • Great for square or rectangular projects like a driveway or walkway
  • Designed to maintain optimal spacing for even-heating

Available in 2' and 3' widths and a variety of lengths, the driveway heating mats install easily and provide even spacing to ensure optimal performance.

Available in 120 or 240 voltages.

Snow Melting Mats

  • Lower cost but requires more installation time
  • Design flexibility makes them great for projects like circular driveways or outdoor stairs
  • Can be designed with different spacing to increase or decrease watts per sq. ft.

WarmlyYours cable product is available in a range of different sizes, and can accommodate even the most unusually shaped driveway.

Available in a wide range of voltages including 120 and 240 for most residential applications as well as 208 and 277 for commercial projects.

Snow Melting Cables

Why Install Driveway Snow Melting?

No More Shoveling

Finally put away the rock-salt and shovels and start enjoying winter again.

No Harmful Chemicals

Do away with chemical melting agents, which will be easier on your pets and your vehicles.

Peace of Mind

Melts the ice and snow, providing a safe passageway for you and your family, as well as guests to your home.

Automatic Sensors

Optional sensors/settings can detect when snow is falling and automatically switch on the snow melting system.

Extends the Life of Your Driveway

No more expensive snow plowing services that can potentially damage your driveway.


CSA certified for outdoor use in the US and Canada.

Full Coverage vs. Tire Tracks

Full coverage is certainly a functional and attractive option, as it means your entire driveway will cleared of snow and ice. If you’re concerned about the operating cost or the energy demand for full coverage, make sure to consider zoned heating. By using our Power Modulator controls for your snow melting system, you break your project into "zones" which are heated one at a time. The entire surface will still be cleared but you'll cut down significantly on per hour energy use & operating cost.

One popular alternative to full coverage is to simply heat tire tracks. This economical option helps users cut down on both installation and operating costs, while still providing great functionality.

This coverage system works by installing two sets of heating elements, typically 2 feet wide and the length of the driveway, which will keep the driveway passable, even in the heaviest of snow falls.


Driveway Snow Melting System in Action

As you can see, this snow melting system in the tire tracks format will keep your driveway usable, even in the dead of winter.

Most WarmlyYours snow melting systems will continue to run past when the snow stops falling. This will typically evaporate the water left behind, and in its place, you'll find clean, dry asphalt.

Choosing the Right Control

There are a variety of controls available for maintaining the temperature in a driveway heating system.

The controls range from simple manual devices to more sophisticated sensors that can automatically detect when snow is falling. The sensors can be positioned in the air or embedded in the ground for an automated service.

Imagine relaxing by the fireplace in the comfort of your home on a snowy winter day, while your heated driveway does the work for you.

Snow Melting Controls

Premium with Aerial Sensor

The Cost of a Heated Driveway

Aside from the convenience they provide, heated driveways can also be a smart investment in your home. Take a look at our blog post Is a Heated Driveway a Good Investment?.

Get an Quote Builder to find out how much snow melting on your driveway will cost. We can even help you figure out the estimated operating cost for your system.

Once you provide WarmlyYours with a sketch of the driveway that includes dimensions and other relevant information, you’ll receive a free SmartPlan within one business day that includes an installation plan, an electrical plan, and an itemized quote.

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