Heated Patio AreasSnow Melting and Heat for Indoor/Outdoor Rooms

Today’s patios are designed as luxurious extensions of your home. With the incorporation of water features, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and beautifully furnished seating areas, these outdoor living spaces are quickly becoming the newest “room” for stylish, casual living.

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Snow Melting System for Heated Patios

Snow Melting Systems Create Year-Round Enjoyment

More and more, our backyard patios are the place we go to escape, rest, relax, and spend time with friends and family. A snow melting system for your patio is just one more way to increase the value of your home while adding comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment to your life throughout the year.

Choose Snow Melting Mats or Cable for Outdoor Heat

WarmlyYours durable electric snow melting systems install in concrete or in mortar under pavers or stone. Our mats and cables come in both 120 volt and 240 volt for residential and commercial applications.

Our easy-to-install electric snow melting mats feature a 1/4" diameter cable attached to a durable mesh mat. This energy efficient, twin-conductor cable is spaced to provide 50 watts per square foot, ensuring optimal heating performance.

Our outdoor heating solutions come in a wide range of lengths to accommodate any shape or size patio. Featuring a 1/4" twin-conductor cable that generates 12 watts per linear foot, our customized systems allow you to enjoy dependable and efficient snow melting performance.

Heated patios increase your home's value and extend the life of your outdoor entertainment season, enabling you to better capitalize on your investment. Snow melting systems also protect decorative concrete or pavers from discoloration that occurs when salt or other ice-melting chemicals are used. Anyway you look at it, adding radiant heat to your patio just makes sense.

Outdoor Heating Mash for Heating Patio

Getting the Right Heated Patio System for Your Home

Let WarmlyYours experts design your custom patio snow melting system, which includes controls, all your electrical specifications, and a custom installation plan. Our high temperature rated outdoor heating systems can be remotely controlled, either through a manual interface or a programmable sensor. Just send us your project details and let us do the rest. Curious about how much your snow melting system might cost? You can also get an [instant online quote] today!

All WarmlyYours snow melting mats and cables are CSA certified for US and Canadian markets and backed by a 10-year limited warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials.