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Remodeling Tips and Trends for Staying Put in Your Home

Do you have one of those neighbors who always have a saw running in their garage? You might not be as tool savvy as the family next door but you want a beautiful home just the same. The problem, though, is that keeping up with the trends in home remodeling is a daunting task. Don’t worry; WarmlyYours is here to help you in your quest. Thanks to one of our IT guys, Eric Mumbower, - a true weekend home improvement warrior - we’ve assembled five of our favorite 2011 trends for you.

Do it on the Cheap
Why pay somebody if you can do it yourself? More than 2 years later the economy still dominates the news. Very little is back to what was normal but maybe that’s ok. It has taught all of us to be more value driven. Cheap doesn’t have to mean cheap looking, though. Here at WarmlyYours, we sell luxury at great prices so don’t think that being budget minded means you have to go back to the days of wood paneling and those ugly $20 faucets with the clear plastic handles. (Remember those?)

Go Green
You may not think that the world is disintegrating before your eyes. Still, that doesn’t mean that all of us can’t leave the planet in better shape for our children, right? Have you seen those countertops made of recycled material? You could have last year’s spaghetti jar as part of your new countertop. Don’t forget the bamboo floors, energy efficient windows, and upgraded insulation. Finally, products like our under desk heater provide comfort while using only a trickle of energy. You’re not the only one thinking green.

Holding On to Your Home
If you’re one of those people whose home value has taken a hit you may have switched your focus from selling your home in the near future to staying put. You aren’t alone. Many are thinking more long term and plan to stay in their home long enough to recover their investment. Instead of moving, they’ve chosen to invest in some larger upgrades knowing that they will get their money back as home values increase. If you live in a climate with harsh winters, may we suggest WarmlyYours’ deicing and snow melt products great for roof/gutter deicing and snow/ice free walkways – stairs and driveways? These products not only improve your property value, they protect it!

Bronze it
High-end materials like bronze are in these days. Distressed hardware, oil rubbed bronze and other warmer metals are the thing now. Just go to any home improvement store and you’ll see the shelves full of these items.

Open it Up
You don’t want your home to look like a warehouse but 2011 is all about big, open floor plans. Get rid of walls to make a more multipurpose space. While you’re at it, replace the flooring and place one of our heating systems under your new tile, laminate, or carpet so every step you take reminds you of a cozy pair of slippers no matter the temperature outside.

Home trends seem to change fast but we’re here to help. We’ll keep you in the loop! And if you need a tip from a real weekend home improvement warrior – Eric is your man! Oh and he can fix your hard drive too!!

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There are many ways as a home owner to go green. Just research the different kinds of materials before you buy. If you are remodeling or building you will need heat. Working throughout the winter with no heat lowers production and costs money in the long run. There are so many different awesome green products on the market today.

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