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Tips To Make Your Home Hypoallergenic Year Round

Tips to make your home hypoallergenic year-round.

Whether you suffer from spring pollen or the dry air of fall, allergies can be extremely taxing. After sneezing and sniffling all day, coming home to a clean and sterile home is ideal, but it can be tough to maintain this atmosphere throughout the season. Thankfully, there are a variety of home improvements and everyday changes in your regimen that can dramatically alter the circulation of allergens in your home and make it far more inviting to come home to each day.

1. Create a sanctuary in your bedroom. Focusing your energy on one room of the house can be a great way to keep one area free from pets and open windows. ABCNews.com suggests running an air filtration system with a HEPA filter each day. This can keep your air purified and many of today's modern devices have filters which can be cleaned very easily.

2. Radiant floor heating. Your home's heating system plays an enormous role in the spread of allergens and other particles, and it can stir up much of the material that you may bring in from the outdoors. Radiant heat is a great choice for the energy-efficiency of your home and will limit the circulation of allergens. Because the heat rises up from the floor, this will cease the movement of dust and other particles in your home, which can decrease allergic reactions and create a more comfortable atmosphere for allergy sufferers.

3. Change your everyday habits. Be mindful of daily pollen counts when you check the weather in the morning and take the proper precautions when you come home after work. Ideally, you should remove clothing that has been exposed to pollen and other allergens and throw it straight in the laundry machine. This can dramatically reduce the presence of pollen and other particulates in your home and help you breathe a bit easier. Finally, improve your cleaning habits during peak times of the year - removing dust and other particles from your floors, windows and other surfaces can make your home far more comfortable.

Allergies are certainly tough during the spring and fall, so making sure that your home is safe and clean is a priority during this time of year. The inclusion of radiant heating and maintaining a strict standard of cleanliness can go a long way toward reducing your symptoms year-round.

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