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WarmlyYours Donates Computer Equipment to Robert Crown Elementary School

warmlyyours donate computers to local schoolAt WarmlyYours we know that giving back to a community doesn’t simply mean hiring employees and purchasing from community businesses. Being part of a community means giving more than we take. It means finding ways to make a real and tangible differences in the lives of people around us.

Robert Crown Elementary School is part of the Wauconda Community School District here in Illinois. Like schools all around the country, Robert Crown has students hungry for knowledge, passionate teachers, and a community eager to support their schools. What they don’t have is enough resources to provide a 21st century, technology-centered education.
As WarmlyYours has continued to grow and expand, we’ve outgrown some of our computer equipment. In non-technical terms, our customers have ordered so much from us that our servers are close to capacity.

warmlyyours donate computers to local schoolWith nearly $1,200 in computer equipment, we knew that we could have sold some of the equipment but our commitment to the city where we live made the decision clear.
We contacted Robert Crown elementary with a very simple message: We want to help now and later. Right now, we have 22 computers and servers to donate and later, we’ll have much more. The school personnel at Robert Crown were not only receptive but grateful. WarmlyYours donated this equipment and as of now, this equipment is being used in their classrooms.
Other companies view helping the community as something you do when the economy is good and business is great. At WarmlyYours we know that community needs don’t stop because the economy is slow.

warmlyyours donate computers to local schoolMaybe that’s why WarmlyYours hasn’t felt the crippling effects of the economy; giving back is the right thing to do and when you do something with no expectation of something in return, somehow, good things continue to come your way.

Vickie L. Wash, Esq.
Marketing Communications Manager

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