trust warmlyyoursWhat is trust?
Pause for just a second and think about who in your life is worthy of your trust? What kinds of traits do they have? What did they do to earn that trust and what would it take for that trust to be broken? Trust is something that is fragile and when taken for granted, it’s easily broken.

Trust in business is a dying trait. Contracts for seemingly simple services are now hundreds of pages. Customers have to look over their shoulder and review every piece and part of the goods or service offered with a detailed eye. The news is filled with scandals, shocking revelations, and people we considered to be trustworthy breaking our trust.

The sad truth is this: A handshake is no longer enough and when a company simply says they can be trusted, that is far from enough. A company now has to prove that they are trustworthy not just once, but for every order, every phone call, and every design service.

WarmlyYours says this: We are the brand you can trust and we accept the challenge. We’ll prove it each and every day.

The subject of trust is on the forefront of our mind. We’ve thought long and hard about what it means to be the brand you can trust and how we’re going to prove ourselves trustworthy in a world where trust and loyalty are nearing extinction.

We came up with the following signature services to earn your trust. Tell us what you think:

You can count on us (24/7). We know that you may need us after business hours and we’re willing to make the financial investment to make sure you can reach us any time.

We have experts on staff. You will never call and hear, “I don’t know.” We not only sell it, we use it ourselves and we’re here to help.

We have account managers that are dedicated to you. Trust is built on relationships. We want you talking to somebody who knows you and whom you know.

We offer free custom installation plans that are designed to your specifications. Our fast turnaround design service helps you complete your home improvement project on time.

We provide lifetime technical assistance because, we not only stand behind our product, we expect our relationship with you to be long term.

We solicit your feedback through our product reviews and "Tell Your Story" web offer so we have our finger on the pulse of what you need. Most companies don’t want your feedback because they know it will take a lot of resources to handle the feedback. We not only welcome it, we encourage it. Again, isn’t that how relationships are built?

We’re not writing about trust today because we’re proclaiming that we have it all figured out, far from it. We’re always getting better. We’re learning from mistakes, and we encourage you to hold us to the highest standard. Your trust is something we take very seriously and we’re dedicated to earning it from you, the valued customers we work with every day.

WarmlyYours - The Brand You Can Trust

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