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"3 Ways to Recover When You’ve Missed Your Target"

Missed your sales numbers? It happens to the best of us! At one point or another, we all face the unfavorable result of low sales that have missed the mark of quarterly or even annual goals. But, instead of panicking, view it as an opportunity to reset and realign your sales strategy. The best advice we can give you is - don't panic, stop and take a deep breath - then take a moment to think! When you don’t reach your numbers, often the impulse is to do something immediately decisive. In sales, the knee-jerk reaction is usually to lower your price and offer a discount, but we caution you to be careful when doing this because that can introduce a very slippery slope for you and your business. Read More

"April U.S. Home Prices Will Likely Turn Positive"

Seasonally unadjusted home prices will likely increase during the spring and summer months, repeating the seasonal pattern of the past few years. Although March home price data will likely show declines, prices could turn positive in April when Standard & Poor’s reports April home price data (S&P/Case-Shiller) in late June. Overall, today’s home prices are about where they were almost 10 years ago. Existing and new home sales dropped in March, but some good news for housing came from pending home sales, a leading indicator for existing home sales. Read More

"Foreclosure Market Hits 5-Year Low"

Good news! The U.S. foreclosure rate is much lower than it was a year ago! According to the RealtyTrac U.S. Foreclosure Market Report for the first quarter of 2012, foreclosure filings are down 16 percent from the first quarter of 2011. Foreclosure rates haven’t been this low since the fourth quarter of 2007! During the first quarter of 2012, foreclosure filings were reported on 572,928 properties, which is also down 2 percent from the previous quarter. This has been the lowest quarterly total since 2007, when 527,740 properties with foreclosure filings were reported. Read More

"Finishing Your Floors – The Ins and Outs of Installing Under-Floor Electric Radiant Heat in Your Bathroom"

Electric radiant heat can be installed under brick, ceramic, porcelain or stone tile in your bathroom and is usually put in directly over the floor substrate whether it is plywood or concrete. The way it all works is a power cable provides electricity to the heating elements then a sensor bulb relays the temperature back to the thermostat. One effective radiant heating system consists of a plastic mat with heater cables interwoven between the mats interlaced surface. After the heat elements, power cable, sensor bulb and sensor wire are in place, the mat is fixed in position by embedding it in a thin layer of thinset before the floor surface material is placed over it. You can then control the temperature through a wall-mounted thermostat or timer that allows you to heat your floors at a pre-set time and temperature. Read More


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