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This week's featured articles:

“Pro Selling: A Great Sales Story - Tell it and Sell it!”

Are you sharing stories with your customers? If you’re not, you’re missing out on great opportunities to sell radiant heating. Storytelling will significantly increase your success in any type of sales situation. If you have a great story, tell it, and sell it. Read More

“Why You Should Have Radiant Heat Flooring Installed”

One of the best ideas I’ve seen for heating a home comfortably and efficiently is Radiant Heat in flooring. Basically, radiant heat is installed under flooring as opposed to forced hot air or baseboard radiators, (or convective). […] I like the feeling of being comfortable in all areas of my home, not just warm in some areas and cold in others. Usually, typical heating systems are warm near the heat source then cold near windows or at the end of the system. Radiant heat is evenly dispersed throughout the home so there are no noticeable differences in different spots. Also, I don’t need to keep my feet as warm as with convective. I can sit or play with the kids on the floor without worrying about being cold. I do love a good fireplace, but we typically don’t use them to heat our homes these days. Read More

"Radiant Floor Heat Is a Great Alternative”

Radiant floor heat is an energy efficient and cleaner way of heating your home as compared to more conventional methods. Once you have had this type of heat in your home, everything else will feel too hot, too cold or just plain uncomfortable. More and more builders are including radiant floor heat as an alternative to furnaces. Many homeowners are converting to radiant floor heat where cold weather drives electric and fuel bills through the roof. Read More

“Finding Inspiration for Your Home Remodel”

In a world that is constantly changing, it is very difficult to find the perfect material to remodel your home. Many homeowners become overwhelmed trying to keep up with the latest trends and newest developments, that it becomes virtually impossible to focus and muster up the inspiration they need to remodel their home. Often, remodeling causes homeowners stress instead of inspiration. Sometimes we become so busy crunching numbers to pay for our home remodels that choosing design and style for the project is unintentionally the last thing on our list. But, inspiration to remodel your home is all around you! Find inspiration in the organic trees and colors of the forests or in the geometric structure of the city. There are a variety of books, magazines, and websites that provide an infinite amount of information and ideas. Read More


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