What do I put in for kilowatt load usage on the thermostat setup?

How to figure out the Kilowatt Load usage for your floor.

On the new touch screen thermostats, during the startup menu, users will be prompted to enter their KW load usage. A lot of our customers may not know this for a number of reasons (they did not install or order the floor, it may be a replacement and info on the install has been lost, etc.) Here is an easy way to help out and get the KW load they need for this menu step.

Kilowatt load usage can be figured by taking the square footage of the open floor space multiplied by 15 (for tile) or 12 (for carpet and laminate). This gives us the total wattage which we then divide by 1000 to get the Kilowatts.

An example. User has a 100 square foot room that is tiled. The math would look like this: 100 sq feet X 15 watts per square foot = 1500 divided by 1000 = 1.5 KW

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