I Can't Connect my Device to my Wi-Fi Network

Before you begin, please verify that you are attempting to enroll a Decora Smart Wi-Fi device. The first 2 characters of a Decora Smart Wi-Fi device is DW (e.g. DW15S, DW6HD, DW15P, etc.). If the device begins with a DHor DZ (e.g. DH15S, DZ15S, etc.), it is not a Decora Smart Wi-Fi device and cannot be used with My Leviton.If you are having trouble connecting your Decora Smart Wi-Fi device to your Wi-Fi network, take note of where the failure is occurring during the process (as described below), and follow the troubleshooting procedures for that step in the process. Refer to this article for all of the steps in the process: Add a Decora Smart Wi-Fi Device to the My Leviton App

Also, make sure that the mobile app that you are using is named My Leviton. Other Leviton mobile app, such as Decora Smart Home or Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer cannot be used for Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices.

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