I cannot connect the thermostat to my WiFi router

Cause: Some WiFi routers limit the number of wireless devices that can connect to the Internet.

To test whether this is the problem, shut down one of the other WiFi-enabled devices in your home. Once that device is completely shut down, try once again to connect your WiFi Touch Thermostat to the network. If the WiFi Touch Thermostat connects successfully, consult the documentation for your access point or contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to find out if you can increase the number of simultaneous connections to your WiFi network.

Cause: Some WiFi routers broadcast a stronger signal that the WiFi Touch thermostat.

If this is the case the WiFi Touch thermostat can see the WiFi router – but the WiFi Touch thermostat cannot reach the WiFi router.

Cause: Maybe your WiFi router requires a restart/reboot

The problem might be with your router (even if your other wireless devices are still connected). A simple restart of the router will usually resolve such problems. While most routers simply have to be unplugged and then plugged back into their power source to restart them, you should refer to your router’s documentation for specific instructions.

Cause: Maybe your WiFi router firmware needs to be updated

Contact your ISP or the router manufacturer for instructions on how to update the firm

Cause: Other devices are interfering with the wireless signal

Try turning off other wireless devices (Bluetooth, WiFi, wireless phones/cameras) that may cause interference, then test the WiFi Touch Thermostat’s network connection.

Cause: Your WiFi Touch Thermostat needs a user reset

Restart your WiFi Touch Thermostat. To restart the WiFi Touch Thermostat, go to Menu/User Settings/User Reset and select “Reset Thermostat”. Once your WiFi Touch Thermostat has restarted, go to Menu/WiFi/Weather Settings and try to connect your thermostat again.

Important! It is imperative that you make a note of the “Distributor ID” found in the thermostat under “Menu/User Settings/Information” before performing a “Factory Reset”. The thermostat will not operate without it.

Cause: Insufficient WiFi signal

Try connecting another device, such as your mobile phone, to your wireless network. Stand next to your WiFi Touch thermostat and access your phone’s wireless network settings. If the wireless network signal cannot be detected by your phone, or is very weak, other devices may also have trouble connecting to the network from that area of your home. You may be too far away from your WiFi router or there may be a problem with it. If you are too far away from your WiFi router, you can purchase a WiFi signal repeater which will improve the range of the WiFi signal in your home for all devices.

Cause: Your WiFi router has insufficient security

With so many home devices now connected to the Internet, we want to make sure that your WiFi Touch Thermostat is connected to a secure network so that hackers cannot gain control of devices in your home. WiFi routers utilize two main types of protective encryption: WEP and WPA. WEP is the original form of encryption and it offers very little security.

Hackers can very easily break into your wireless network if your router is set up for WEP encryption. WEP encryption was replaced with WPA encryption in 1999 and WPA2 in 2006. WPA is a security protocol that makes it much more difficult to break into networks. Your WiFi Touch Thermostat currently supports WPA and WPA2 encryption only. If your router was manufactured after 2003, you should be able to change the setting from WEP to WPA by following the guide in the link: (http://www.tech-faq.com/how-to-change-wep-to-wpa.html). Your WiFi Touch Thermostat can still control your floor heating system without wireless network connection. As the best course of action, The manufacturer recommends that you upgrade your security settings to properly protect your network from hackers. If that is not possible, contact your network administrator.

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