What are some considerations to note about WarmlyYours roof and gutter deicing self-regulating cable versus constant wattage cable?

  • Overlapping WarmlyYours self-regulating cable is possible because self-regulating cable regulates heat output to prevent overheating and damaging the cable.
  • Overlapping WarmlyYours constant wattage cable is not possible because it is on all the time and cannot come in contact with itself or any other constant wattage heating cable, as it will overheat and fail.
  • Self-regulating cable requires the use of a control and/or a sensor to operate. WarmlyYours offers a variety of controls ranging from a basic manual control to our premium option that provides the ultimate in convenience and hands-off operation.
  • Constant wattage cable does not require a thermostat/controller and can be connected to an outlet throughout an entire winter, during a single snow event, or whenever deicing is needed. An optional plug-in thermostat can be used if desired.
  • Self-regulating cable is designed to be cut to length at the jobsite by an installer where it can then be end-capped with accessories (sold separately).
  • Constant wattage cable cannot be shortened or altered in any way.

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