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Premium Melting System- Aerial Sensor Control Group

Premium Snow Melting System Controls by WarmlyYours

When you’re ready to give up the shovel and salt and enjoy a driveway that’s always safe to walk on and conveniently clean, WarmlyYours will provide the comfort with driveway heating systems for ice and snow. We are proud to offer premium controls for our snow melting systems, allowing the user to customize the temperature of the radiant system for energy efficiency.

This control system comes with several advanced features including an aerial-mounted sensor, a hold-timer for extended heating, and an optional unit to control the system remotely. The premium control has an adjustable dial on the front cover which provides the option of setting the slab temperature up to 90°F. This feature limits how hot the slab will get, and is particularly beneficial when using the WHCA or WHMA constant watt snow melting cables and mats in asphalt driveways.

The control works in conjunction with a slab temperature sensor and an aerial mounted snow sensor (AIR-SS). The SCP-120 panel has a hold-on timer for user adjustment allowing the user to keep the system on for up to 10 additional hours, after snowfall has stopped. An optional RCO unit may be added to manually override the control panel from a remote location. This control option is ideally suited for pavers.

Aerial Control features:

  • Simple installation
  • Field proven in thousands of installations
  • Minimizes snow melting operating costs
  • 2-year warranty

Individual Elements

SCP-120 Premium Snow Melting Control

SCP-120 Premium Snow Melt Control

  • Provides maximum control of your heated driveway, walkway or stairway.
  • Includes a hold-on timer to keep the system on for up to 10 hours after snowfall has stopped.


AIR-SS Premium Snow Melting Sensor

AIR-SS Aerial Mounted Snow Sensor

  • Detects falling or blowing snow at temperatures below 38°F (3.3°C)
  • Most versatile and effective snow melt detection when used with SCP-120 premium snow melt control.


RLY Relay Panels

RLY-Series Relay Panels

  • Virtually silent load switching panels are ideally suited for snow heating Mats and cables.
  • Power relays are rated for up to 24 amps and include NEMA1 rated metal enclosures.
  • All relays utilize 120v Coils.
  • Available in 3 sizes: small (4 Pole), Medium (8 Pole) and Large (12 Pole).


Small Relay RLY-4PL
Medium Relay RLY-8PL
Large Relay RLY-12PL

Snow Melting Plaque

SMP Snow Melting Plaque

  • Durable brass plaque identifies presence of snow melting system.
  • Required to meet the NEC 426-13 identification.


Remote Control Override

Remote Control Override (Optional)

  • Provides a convenient and economical means of monitoring and controlling a snow melting system from a remote location.
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