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Radiant Pro Selling:
Benefits vs Features

Pro Selling Blog

Too often in sales, representatives make the mistake of over stressing their products’ features, but they skimp on the benefits it provides to their customer. Your customers are most certainly interested in the features of your product, but I can assure you, they will most likely buy because it personally benefits them or their loved ones in some way. The question is, are you explaining both the features and the benefits of WarmlyYours products to your customers? Do you have a clear understanding of each?
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Tech News: Cold Weather Concrete

Cold Weather Concrete

Before winter begins, many customers consider installing a snow melting system to relieve the need for shoveling or plowing. When the weather is colder, installing one of these systems and pouring concrete can be risky and increasingly more difficult. 
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Industry Intel: 2011 to 2012 Dashboard

Industry Dashboard

The end of 2011 has definitely shown some promising estimates for the industry along with a few not-so promising estimates. A significant increase in consumer confidence is pushing housing starts and retail sales higher while the unemployment rate is finally decreasing. So, here’s a run-down review of how the industry fared through 2011 and entering into 2012!
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Trade Shows 2012

CCA Global
1/16 -1/ 21,
Houston TX

Flooring America 
1/16 - 1/21,
Houston TX

1/16 - 1/21,
Houston TX

1/24 - 1/26,
Las Vegas NV

SEN Spring
3/28 - 3/31,
Atlanta  GA

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Managing Your Project Online

Our floor heating Project Planner makes it easy for Professionals . . .

project planner

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A Concord Carpenter Spotlight:

Roof & Gutter Deicing

concord carpenter video

Massachusetts is a place where the winters are cold and harsh, and many houses are suffering damaged by snow and ice each year. With snow and ice building on top of roofs, the damage can costs thousands of dollars.

Ice damage is known to cause roof leaks, rotting and interior damage, which can ultimately cause health and structural complications.

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WarmlyYours University

A place where you can come and brush up on your floor heating knowledge.

warmlyyours university

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