Radiant Pro Newsletter
October 2013

In other News

Tech Tips: How to Avoid Cold Spots

We recently visited a customer in the suburbs of Chicago who had called with concerns he had with cold spots in different places through-out the room that the customer described as cold “stripes” on the floor.

The National Electric Code requires that the watt density per square foot should not exceed 15 watts. The more wires that are placed in a square foot, the hotter that square foot will be.
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Remodelers See Increase in Business

Remodelers are very encouraged to see a sustained increase in their business. Recent research and statistics confirm a favorable outlook for the industry that should continue throughout 2013.

“This summer, many companies entered the summer with a backlog of jobs, something most haven't seen in the past few years,” Read More »

Instant Quote (IQ) Smart Pro Tool

Now estimating power is directly in your hands with WarmlyYours IQ Smart Pro Tool. It gives you the ability to add a smart, easy to use calculator to your own website without any major changes. Read More »

Feature Stories

Case Study: Radiant Heat for our Troops

Tee Shirts 4 Troops has been providing America's finest with clean shirts to wear during their recuperation. The organization's founder, Jim Peters, said that his goal is to get a shirt out to every wounded GI out there.

While raising money for a USO charity, WarmlyYours first heard about Tee Shirts 4 Troops and we were so impressed with all that Peters' organization had done that we donated two Infinity Towel Warmers. But then we decided to take it one step further after hearing about the 'warrior room' renovations by adding floor heat for the cold basement floors where the soldiers Read More »

A Carpenter Corner Spotlight: New Snow Melting Video

As a remodeling contractor we oversee a lot of landscaping with our projects. Recently we have seen an increase in snow melting projects.

SAFETY TIP – When performing projects like installing this walkway snow melt system or when cutting or grinding masonry it is super important to take safety precautions. For this project I wore safety glasses, knee pads, a breathing mask and safety shoes. I also always purchase Read More »

Radiant Pro Selling: 8 Steps to Attract + Keep Customers through Facebook

Facebook can be an effective tool to help contractors attract the clients best matched to their services. By following a few simple steps, you can make your social media strategy more effective and enhance your overall online presence.

1. Give customers what they want
Be specific in your messages, using keywords to attract the best prospects, and produce blog content that focuses on questions your potential customers want answered. Provide your customers with the information they need. Read More »

Industry Intel: Homebuyers Add Custom Features

Though they may be faced with higher prices, today's homebuyers have different expectations from previous generations. According to Forbes, those in a position to meet the higher values are younger and more tech-savvy than past home-buyers, having grown up using electronic devices 24/7.

Similarly, the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate survey that reported that 77 percent of Gen X and Gen Y buyers want their homes Read More »