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Is Electric Radiant Heat Best For Your Client?
Posted on 07/02/2012 by Kathryn Scott

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Radiant heat is one of the biggest renovation options in the new green movement toward more eco-friendly homes. As summer construction projects wind up and clients begin requesting heating options for their new homes, you may want to...

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Tags: radiant news, floor heating

07/02/2012: WarmlyYours Weekly Remodeling and Radiant Heating News
Posted on 07/02/2012 by Kathryn Scott


Here is the latest news from the WarmlyYours Weekly Radiant News for this week! We are your one-stop source for all things radiant and the home remodeling industry! This last May, Americans bought new homes at the fastest pace in more...

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Three Tips For Outfitting An Eco Friendly Home Theater
Posted on 06/30/2012 by Kathryn Scott

Brafton photo20120630 27028 1n58mk4 0?1341113410

Everyone loves going to the movies, but it isn't always feasible, and you don't always feel up for it. Furthermore, getting to the movie theater requires a car. Gone are the days of local one-screen cinemas, replaced by multiplexes as...

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Tags: radiant news, floor heating

5 Home Projects To Do This Summer
Posted on 06/29/2012 by Linnay Grosche

Blog062912 summer%20projects

Summer is the perfect time for making home improvements. With the weather being less of a risk factor during the summer months, it is easy to start and even finish home projects. Before starting your project, here are some home...

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Tags: outdoor heating, snow melting, warmlyyours blog

Six Perfect Housewarming Gifts
Posted on 06/28/2012 by WarmlyYours

Brafton photo20120628 2583 n1bzbh 0?1340940610

Summer is moving season, and whether you know a young couple who'll invite you to an apartment painting event with the allure of pizza or you're heading to a family's new four-bedroom home in a prime suburb just outside the city, you...

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Tags: bathroom remodeling

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