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Electric Radiant Floor Heating under Wool Carpeting
Posted on 05/25/2012 by Linnay Grosche


There are a variety of different carpets out there, some more popular than others. When choosing the right carpet, you may ask yourself about the benefits or disadvantages as well as the durability of each carpet type. If you are also...

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Bathrooms and Kitchens: Remodelers Best Friends
Posted on 05/23/2012 by Linnay Grosche

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Although the housing market is slowly rebounding, many people currently do not want to go through the trouble of selling and finding another home. Instead, more homeowners are now choosing to remodel and improve their homes. The ...

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Comfort Based Improvements To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Home Spa
Posted on 05/22/2012 by Kathryn Scott

Your master bathroom sees a lot of use on a regular basis, and after a few years it may be time to refresh the aesthetic of the space. If you're the kind of person who loves to spend time at the spa and appreciates the relaxation...

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Popular Green Home Improvements That Could Pique The Interest Of Your Clients
Posted on 05/21/2012 by Kathryn Scott

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The home remodeling market couldn't be hotter, as homeowners all over the country are putting their time and effort into improving their existing homes rather than moving into new ones. As a building professional, this opens up a...

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05/21/2012: WarmlyYours Weekly Remodeling and Radiant Heating News
Posted on 05/21/2012 by Kathryn Scott


Here is the latest news from the WarmlyYours Weekly Radiant News for this week! We are your one-stop source for all things radiant and the home remodeling industry! I would like to take a moment and share my story about my awesome...

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