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Kitchens and Bathrooms: Custom Comfort and Convenience by Design
Posted on 10/04/2013 by Victoria Hale


More and more, homeowners are remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms for their own enjoyment rather than resale value. Exciting new design trends offer ways to create luxuriant spaces to meet your needs, as well as your wants. Still the...

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Warm Atmosphere Of Farmhouse Design Can Fit A Modern Home
Posted on 06/28/2013 by Linnay Grosche


A farmhouse design featured by HGTV was classic in style, but didn't sacrifice the modern conveniences that were important to the homeowners. In the kitchen, the traffic patterns were open and a comfortable cooking area was...

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Ideas For Modern Kitchen Renovations
Posted on 05/31/2013 by Linnay Grosche


Just about everyone can become a little bit - or perhaps a lot - bored with certain aspects of their home's interior design after a while. Kitchens are no different from any other space in a house in this regard. If you've come to...

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Suggestions For A High End Kitchen Makeover
Posted on 05/31/2013 by Linnay Grosche


Budget is often a major issue when dealing with any home renovations, and kitchens are no different. This factor determines whether your new tiles are travertine or ceramic, or what type of appliances you purchase and install....

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Reasons To Undergo A Kitchen Renovation
Posted on 05/28/2013 by Linnay Grosche


Ask yourself a quick question - how much time do you spend in your kitchen? For a fair amount of people, if not an overwhelming majority, the answer is likely "quite a bit," particularly if the respondents are fathers or mothers....

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