Snow Melting Accessories
For Driveways, Walkways, Stairs and Roof & Gutter Systems

Snow melting accessories from WarmlyYours ensure your installation process goes as smoothly as it can. When you purchase snow melting systems, you’ll want to be sure that in case something goes not-quite as planned, you’re prepared. We’re happy to offer our customers the products they need to get the job done right the first time. Whether you’re installing a system to keep your driveways, walkways, or even staircases snow- and ice-free, you’ll want to plan ahead. For example, our repair kit includes pre-cut heat shrink tubing as well as connectors and high-conductive grounding tape, all of which help ensure a reliable connection in case of a nick or cut on the wiring during installation. There’s no need to have to start all over when you’ve got a repair kit on hand. And if the wiring you have isn’t long enough to reach your intended connection point, you’ll want a cold lead—this non-heated copper conductive wire, sold by the foot, helps finish your job in no time. Don’t get caught needing additional materials in the middle of an installation. Be prepared for anything with WarmlyYours accessories for snow melting systems.

Cold Lead for snow melting systems

Snow Melting Cable Cold Lead

  • Use when the factory length is insufficient to reach your desired connection.
  • Non-heated copper conductive wire.
  • Stocked in 100 foot (30.5 meter) rolls.
  • Sold by the foot.
  • Snow Melt cable applications only
Cold Lead 120V
Cold Lead 240V

Splice Kit

Snow Melting Repair Kit

  • Use if an accidental nick or cut occurs during a snow melting system installation
  • Contains all the accessories you need to make a repair on snow melting cable.
  • Pre-cut heat shrink tubing and crimp-on connectors ensure a reliable, moisture proof connection.
  • Snow Melt cable applications only


Repair Kit

Splice Kit

ET-END-KIT End Seal Kit

The ET-END-KIT End Seal Kit is C-UL-US Listed for use in sealing of ET-SR roof and gutter deicing cables. The kit includes a heat-shrink tube, woven braid sleeving, and heat-shrink cap.

One required for each individual run of cable.


End seal termination Kit - Part JSR12
Unavailable in your country

Power Connection Kit for roof and gutter systems

ET-PWR-KIT Power Connection Kit

The ET-PWR-KIT Power Connection Kit includes materials needed for hardwired installation of roof and gutter deicing systems. The ET-PWR-KIT kit is C-UL-US Listed and is suitable for use with ET-SR series cables

One required for each individual run of cable.


Power connection kit (Includes End Seal Kit JSR12)

Tape Pads

ET-VHB-PAD-P25 Double-Sided Tape Pads

These double-sided tape pads are used to affix aluminum clips to roof and gutters.

  • 3”X 2” pads
  • 25 pads per package
  • ET-94-PRIMER may be needed for sufficient adhesion on some surfaces (refer to primer description for details)
  • Install when temperature is above 50º F for best results
Double sided tape Pads (25 per pkg)

Tape Primer

ET-94-PRIMER Tape Primer for VHB Tape Pads

Required for use on rubber, EPDM, and some other surfaces to promote adhesion of VHB tape pads. 1-quart container.

Quart of primer for VHB pad

Aluminum clips

ET-CL-AP-P25 Aluminum 3-Prong Roof Clip

Ideal for attaching self-regulating deicing cable to typical roof and gutter surfaces, such as metal and asphalt shingle.

  • 25 clips per package
  • Use ET-VHB-PAD-P25 double-sided tape pads to affix clips to roof
  • Typical installation recommendations:
    • Gutters: 1 clip per 10 feet of gutter, plus 2 for each downspout
    • Roofs: 5 clips per triangle in zigzag installation pattern
Aluminum 3-prong roof clip (25 per pkg)