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Daylight Savings Sale
Posted on 03/17/2009 by Victoria Hale

Spring ahead and out of your bed now that your floors are warm! No need to put slippers on to avoid the freezing shock that can come from standing on cold tile or wood floors. For a limited time we here at WarmlyYours have put...

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Video Blog Episode #1: Using Circuit Checks
Posted on 03/06/2009 by Victoria Hale

Hello all, At WarmlyYours we're always looking for new ways to interact with our visitors, below is the first in what we hope will be many video blogs addressing questions that our customer service and technical support teams are...

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WarmlyYours Donates to a Green Home Project - the “Needham” House!
Posted on 03/02/2009 by Victoria Hale

WarmlyYours is involved with another worthwhile project and we wanted to tell everyone about it. We are working with FreeGreen.com, a company that offers free building plans featuring green design. They are collaborating with...

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First Time Installation Is A Breeze
Posted on 02/13/2009 by Victoria Hale

Recently, the Branch Manager of WarmlyYours Canadian office, Elodie Pasek, went on site to supervise a first time installation of TempZone™, our radiant floor heating system for under tile and stone. The install takes place at the...

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Radiant Warmth for Your Heart - A Valentine’s Promotion
Posted on 02/06/2009 by Victoria Hale

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching - are you prepared to woo your loved one? Did you know that research published in the journal of Science links physical warmth with emotional warmth? The recent study revealed a very real...

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