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Posted on 01/29/2010

Help HaitiWe’ve all seen the horrible, gut-wrenching images of the Haiti disaster and our hearts go out to all the people affected by the earthquakes in that region. Julia Billen, the President of WarmlyYours, felt so strongly about wanting to help the Haitians that she proposed an idea to help raise money “in house”. One of the benefits we enjoy as WarmlyYours employees is that the company pays for our lunch in the building’s cafeteria every day. But on Friday, January 22nd we were given the option to bring our lunch from home instead, and all the money saved would then be donated to the Red Cross. WarmlyYours also offered to make a “dollar for dollar” match for every contribution made as a result of an employee donating their lunch money as well as for any employee’s cash donation. We had tremendous success with 100% employee participation! While we are a fairly small office, every single person brown bagged it and some folks even made cash contributions for a total WarmlyYours donation of $1390! I normally wouldn’t toot our horn so much, but I’m really proud of how the WarmlyYours family pulled together to help out! Hopefully, our contribution will have some small, but positive impact on the lives of the Haitian people. I know many of our thoughts and/or prayers are with them all right now.

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Victoria Hale

Tags: community work, warmlyyours blog

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