SmartStat Dual Voltage Electric floor heating programmable thermostat

SmartStat™ Dual Voltage Electric Floor Heating Programmable Thermostat
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SmartStat 120V/240V, 7-Day Programmable GFCI Thermostat and Floor Sensor
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Contractor found it easy to install

I ordered the Smartstat with my radiant floor mats. The unit works great. My contractor/electrician found it easy to install and was quite impressed with the whole system. The only complaint he had was the temperature sensor was only mentioned in the step by step thermostat installation instructions. By the time he read it the carpet had already been installed and we could no longer attach the sensor. The ambient heat method works perfectly well however so no harm done.

Jeanne Cronin, Chicago, IL
Apr 04, 2010

Very happy w/the Warmly Yours flooring heat.

I am very happy w/the warmly yours flooring heat. The thermostat was installed w/o problems. It is very easy to operate. I haven't had any problems, and would recommend these products to others!

Sharon Wilson, Colo, IA
Apr 02, 2010

Works Great!

Works Great!

Al Magley, Newtown, PA
Apr 02, 2010