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WarmlyYours Offer Circuit Checker with Every Order of Radiant Heat

TempZone Kit with nSpire Touch & Circuit Check

Long Grove, IL - July 2005 - Allowing tile installers to test electric floor heating effectively, the Safety Siren from WarmlyYours helps attain a fault-free installation on every job. By checking the continuity of the floor heating system at all time during installation, the Safety Siren brings peace of mind to tile contractors. It beeps as soon as a short in the system is created, alerting the tile contractor to call WarmlyYours 24/7 technical support for immediate assistance.The troubleshooting team will then work to help the installer fix any problems ASAP. 

No longer will a tile contractor accidentally install tile over a damaged wire or system. Though OHM readings can help determine if a system is working, they identify the problem only when it is too late. 

"The Safety Siren detects incidents BEFORE the tile contractor lays tile over the system." 

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The Safety Siren is simple, effective, and is a preventative maintenance item for a successful tile installation. Directions for use are enclosed with the Safety Siren.



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