Winter can bring freezing temperatures and with that frozen pipes. A frozen pipe will not only restrict the flow of water to your property, but also cause potential costly damage to your home when pipes burst.

Heat Tracing Cable

Attaching a heating cable to the exterior of the pipe will keep it from freezing. Also known as heat tracing cable or heat tape, this small, flexible cable can be wrapped around the pipe and will maintain the temperature of the pipe, keeping water flowing.

WarmlyYours line of PRO-Tect Pipe Freeze Protection Heating Cables are the ideal solution to protect pipes from freezing.

  • Cut-to-length Flexibility
  • Energy Efficient
  • Can Overlap Without Overheating
  • Install in Dry or Wet Locations
  • 5, 8 or 10 Watts per linear ft at 120/240 VAC (self regulating)

These heating cables are self regulating, meaning the heating cable will increase or decrease its power output (Wattage per linear ft) in response to how cold or warm each section of the pipe is.

Their flexible construction means they can overlapped or criss-crossed without fear of overheating or failure.

The cable is sold by the foot and is intended to be cut to the desired length by the installer. Available in 120/240 VAC (240V cable may also be used at 208V or 277V).

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Freeze Protection System Control Options

WarmlyYours offers the AIR-STAT thermostat for use with our PRO-Tect Pipe Freeze Protection System.

Combining your heating cable with a thermostat can decrease energy consumption by controlling when the system is switched on and off, typically when it detects the temperature drops below 40F.

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Why Install Pipe Freeze Protection?

Avoids Costly Damage

Prevents pipes from bursting which can lead to expensive repairs and damage to property.

Keeps Water Flowing

Regulates pipe temperature, allowing water to flow through and into your property.

Easy to Install

No need to remove pipes, just install the heating cable onto existing pipes in place.

User Friendly Controls

Enjoy maximum control of your system with our pipe freeze protection controls.


Most systems are inexpensive to run and require no regular maintenance.


UL Listed in the US and Canada.

Why Choose WarmlyYours?

Free Installation Plan

We provide a free, no-obligation SmartPlan™ with every quote, often within 1 day.

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Unbeatable Warranty

WarmlyYours PRO-Tect Pipe Freeze Protection Systems come with a 3-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can pipe freeze protection cable be cut-to-length?

Yes. Because the cable is a parallel electrical device, it can be cut to length without affecting its power output per foot. Because we also sell this product by the foot, you can ensure minimal waste on the job-site. 

Do I have to use insulation? Why?

Yes, insulation is highly recommended for use with a pipe freeze protection system for the following reasons:

·      It helps cut down on heat loss from the heated water pipe. 
·      Properly installed insulation helps keep the cable in good contact with the water pipe so that maximum surface area contact is achieved. 
·      While the cable is wet location approved, weatherproofed insulation adds an extra layer of protection. Ideally, the insulation will be nonflammable and waterproofed. 

How does this type of cable work?

Self-regulating heating cables, like PRO-Tect: Pipe Freeze Protection cables, use a conductive polymer core, which continually adjusts its heat output.
This is why ­­­­­this type of cable, unlike some heat tapes, won’t burn out if it is wrapped closely together, overlapped, or overinsulated. This also means lower operating costs and increased energy efficiency. 

How do I attach the cable to the pipe?

We recommend using a fiberglass-based tape, which is available from WarmlyYours.

How much cable will I need for my project?

The amount of cable needed depends on the size and type of pipe, and on the lowest expected temperature. Once you know the type of pipe (metal or plastic), pipe diameter, length of pipe, and the minimum expected temperature, you can use this form to request a quote. Just follow the instructions on the form to get it back to us. 

Is it always on? Is there a built-in thermostat?

There is no built-in thermostat, but we do have recommended WarmlyYours controls which will activate the system for continuous operation at 40°F or below. 

Is there a maximum length?

Yes, this depends on the cable type, voltage, and starting temperature. Refer to the Maximum Length vs. Circuit Breaker Size chart found in the manual.

What is the power output of this cable?

We sell three different max power outputs: 10W/ft. 8W/ft., and 5W/ft. Because these cables are self-regulating, the actual power output will depend on the temperature (i.e. the lower the temperature, the higher the power output). 

What makes up a “pipe freeze protection system”?

At a minimum: a PRO-Tect Pipe Freeze Protection Self-Regulating Cable, an End Seal kit, and a Power Connection Kit. However, we also strongly recommend a control. All of these components are directly available from WarmlyYours (along with other accessories).

Use of another manufacturer’s components will void the warranty.

Where can pipe freeze protection cable be used?

This heating cable can be used to protect aboveground water pipes, which are insulated and weatherproofed, from freezing—weatherproofing is particularly important for any cable installed outdoors. 

Will pipe freeze protection cables work on DC voltage?

No. They are not designed to be powered by DC voltage. They must be used with AC voltage.