PRO-Tect DIY Heating Cable for Pipes, Constant Wattage (7W/ft), 120V

PRO-Tect DIY Heating Cable for Pipes, Constant Wattage (7W/ft), 120V

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  • Easy plug-in operation with indicator light and integrated thermostat
  • Available in 3', 12', and 30' lengths
  • Stops pipes from freezing at temps as low as -40°F/-40°C
  • 7 watts per linear foot (constant wattage)
  • Safe: cCSAus listed


A burst water pipe in the dead of winter can be a huge inconvenience and completely replacing the insulation needed to prevent pipes in perimeter walls and crawlspaces from freezing can be cost-prohibitive.

To keep your most vulnerable pipes from freezing, the simple and DIY-friendly solution is to install a PRO-Tect heating cable for pipes. This 120 V plug-in heating cable generates heat (7 watts per linear foot) which will keep your pipes from freezing in low temperatures. The integrated thermostat control, located between the non-heating lead cable and the heating wire itself, will ensure a consistent temperature while minimizing energy use. The thermostat turns the heating cable on when exposed to temperatures below 37.4ºF (3ºC). It will shut the heating cable off when the pipe has been heated to a temperature of approximately 50ºF (10ºC).

The cable is covered by a 2-year warranty.

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Will heat tape really keep my pipes from freezing?

Simply put, yes--the right type of heat tape will really keep your pipes from freezing. By applying gentle heat, heat tape can prevent the water in your pipes from turning to ice and blocking the flow of water--or worse. Combined with proper insulation, heat tape regulates the overall temperature of your water pipes.

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How does a heat tape for pipes work?

By attaching a heating cable to the exterior of a pipe, it will transfer the heat to the pipe to prevent frozen pipes. And with the use of pipe insulation the heat will be evenly spread and won't dissipate as quickly.

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Can heat tape start a fire?

No, as long as it's properly installed. However, improper installation, use, and/or maintenance of electrical heating cable can cause fires, electric shock, and/ or frozen pipes.

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Does heat tape use a lot of electricity?

No, heating cable for pipes will use a relatively low amount of power—anywhere from 21W to 210W (depending on length).

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What is heat trace?

Heat trace, heat tape, or heating cable for pipes is typically an electric heating cable that can be attached to the pipe which helps keep non-flowing water pipes in poorly insulated perimeter walls flowing despite harsh winter temperatures.

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