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Online Design Tool Design and Order Your Project

The Online Design Tool is our acclaimed software for creating instant quotes. You can use the tool to create and layout a room with the exact measurements and furniture of your choice in order to ensure that your quote is as accurate as possible.

Once complete, you're happy with your room and you have your quote, you can either continue on through the purchase procedure or save your project and return another day. The Online Design Tool will allow you to have multiple rooms saved at once to help build your entire project or quote.

Continue reading for a full step by step guide.

NOTE: Before beginning the Online Design Tool you will be asked to supply a room name, a flooring surface and also specify which room of the house that you will be heating. Our program will use the answers given to generate the required information needed to get started.

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Step 1: Choose Your Room Shape

You will be presented with three room shapes to chose from, select the shape which most closely resembles your room. You will be able to make modifications to the room later in the program.

Design Tool 1

Step 2: Size Your Room

The room shape that you selected in the previous step will now be shown in the center of the screen. You can drag the arrows to resize your room to fit your exact dimensions and, should it be necessary to add angled walls, you can add them now by dragging the corners into the positions that best replicates the room that you're trying to heat.

Hints and instructions on how to use the tool will be ever-present on the left side of the screen.

Design Tool 2

Step 3: Choose Your Furniture & Fixtures

At this stage you can specify the desired position for your thermostat along with any permanent fixtures or large furniture that you feel may affect the layout of the floor heating.

WarmlyYours does not recommend heating beneath permanent fixtures or furniture that weighs more than 100 lbs per sq. inch or with a base larger than 4" x 4".

Design Tool 3

Step 4: Receive Your Instant Free Quote

Before receiving your instant free quote you will be asked to specify whether you prefer full or spot heating for your room. In addition, should you wish you can also set a budget for the design.

The instant quote screen will then appear with your floor plan at the top of the page and an itemized quotation below it.

From this page you can choose to edit or delete the room your have just completed, add a new one, save your project or continue to checkout.

Design Tool 4

If you encounter any issues during or after using the Online Design Tool, please contact us either through the website help form, or by phone at (800) 875-5285.