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LED Mirrors

Most of us start every single day by looking in the mirror—make sure your morning routine starts off right with the brilliant bounce-back lighting of a Marquee Series LED Mirror.

These lighted mirrors incorporate brilliant supplemental LED light, warmly diffused by frosted glass, into stylish mirror designs worthy of the Golden Era of Hollywood. Each one of these wall-mounted, backlit mirrors is as functional as it is elegant with a streamlined hardwired electrical connection (which means no visible wires) and a high degree of energy-efficiency.

  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • A frosted inner frame warmly diffuses LED light
  • 3,024 Lumens, roughly equivalent to a 200-watt incandescent light bulb

Classic beauty and seamless functionality are a lot to ask of any mirror, but the wall-mounted Audrey delivers both with effortless poise. This timeless, rectangular model can be installed vertically or horizontality, depending on the needs and aesthetics of your project. Bright, full-spectrum lighting shines through the Audrey’s rectangular frosted inner frame.

Audrey Wall-mounted LED Mirror 36” by 24”

  • Distinctive, circular shape provides a natural focal point for room design
  • Frosted inner circle warmly diffuses LED light
  • 2,204 Lumens, roughly equivalent to a 150-watt incandescent light bulb

Unique is beautiful—and the Marilyn is both. This curvaceous, circular mirror improves any room with vibrant, full-spectrum lighting and an alluring, organic design. The wall-mounted Marilyn features silvered copper-free glass and a 27.5" diameter. Highly efficient supplemental LED light flows through a frosted inner circle, which gives the light a uniquely warm and generous hue.

Marilyn Wall-mounted LED Mirror with 27.5" Diameter

  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Twin frosted bars warmly diffuse LED light
  • 1,944 Lumens, roughly equivalent to a 130-watt incandescent light bulb

Sometimes, a little goes a long way—nowhere is this more perfectly exemplified than in the Ingrid. This minimalist, rectangular model incorporates two frosted bars which imbue the full-spectrum lighting with a gentle and natural hue. The wall-mounted Ingrid’s elegant design is both visually striking and versatile because it can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Ingrid Wall-mounted LED Mirror 36” by 24”

Custom LED Mirror Options

WarmlyYours also offers some customizable options for LED Mirrors, including sizing and color temperature. For more information, contact us and a WarmlyYours account representative will be in touch.

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Saves Energy

Our LED mirrors have one of the highest efficiency rates that reduces operating costs.

2-Year Warranty

Our LED mirrors are backed by our 2-year manufacturer warranty, that guarantees our radiant panels to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

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