Bamboo Flooring: The Eco-friendly Option for Floor Heating

Bamboo is the best option for those looking for an environmentally friendly flooring that easily compliments most room’s aesthetics. It’s rapid regrowth allows for it to be sustainably sourced in a variety of designs and colors. Bring serenity and comfort to your home with a heated bamboo floor.

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Floor Heating Systems for Bamboo

Bamboo flooring is typically installed as a floating floor, making it ideal for our Environ floating floor heating system. No adhesives or nails are needed, helping save on the overall cost of the project.

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Environ Lifestyle cross sections

Our most popular cut and turn installation designed for maximum flexibility.

  • 10 Year Warranty under Laminate & Floating Hardwood
  • 5 Year Warranty under Carpet (US Only)
  • As low as $10 per sq. ft.
  • 12 Watts per sq. ft.
  • Available in 120/240 VAC
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Designed for an easy and quick installation in large spaces.

  • 10 Year Warranty under Laminate & Floating Hardwood
  • 5 Year Warranty under Carpet (US Only)
  • As low as $12 per sq. ft.
  • 12 Watts per sq. ft.
  • Available in 120/240 VAC

Why Install Radiant Floor Heating?

Electric in-floor heating systems generate an even heat throughout your home and will not disturb dust, reducing the chance of possible allergic reactions. What's more, radiant heated floors reduce noise levels and the amount of dry air in your home. There are other benefits to floor heating as well, including financial perks, as they are inexpensive to install and typically don't add more than a quarter to electric bills.

  • Easy to Install Whether you’re using a mat or cable, we've made installation as simple as possible.
  • Affordable Most systems are inexpensive to run and require no regular maintenance.
  • Easy-to-Use Thermostats The secret to any great heating system is a great control.
  • Saves Energy Radiant heat has higher levels of energy efficiency than most traditional systems.
  • Safe cULus listed.
  • Clean Heat Doesn't disturb pollen, dust or other allergens like forced-air systems.

Why Choose WarmlyYours?

WarmlyYours provides free design services to make sure that customers purchase the heating system that best meets their project requirements. Depending on the floor type and the shape and size of a room's layout, the size and placement of heating mats will differ.

  • Free Installation Plan We provide a free, no-obligation SmartPlan™ with every quote, often within 1 day.
  • 24/7 Installation Support We're here to answer your questions every day – year round – round the clock.
  • Easy-to-Use Thermostats The secret to any great heating system is a great control.
  • Fast Shipping & Simple Returns With same day shipping nationwide, we're committed to getting your order to you on time. Plus, we don't charge restocking fees for unused products.
  • Unbeatable Warranty All of our heating systems are backed by our industry leading warranty, with coverage for both labor and materials on most installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the floor heating be set to turn on at certain times when we know we will use those areas and need heating?

Yes, with our programmable thermostats, you can choose which days and times the floor heating turns on for your comfort. With a Smart thermostat, you can also control these options from your phone while away from home.

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Should you leave underfloor heating on all the time?

An electric underfloor heating system doesn't need to be left on all the time. The system can be completely turned off or set back to a lower temperature when not in use. If you have a programmable floor heating thermostat, then the system can also be set to operate only during specific times.

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What is the typical operating cost of the Environ™ floor heating system?

The actual cost of operating your floor heating system will vary depending upon a number of factors including the cost of electricity in your area and the length of time you run your system. Try our Operating Cost Calculator for a quick estimate.

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What underlayments are compatible with Environ Heating System?

Any type of underlayment/padding may be used as long as it has a density of 6-8 pounds per cubic foot. Certain underlayment, such as ¼” (6mm) thick cork, or 6mm ThermalSheet are recommended for Environ™ Flex Rolls. It is also acceptable to place a vapor barrier, such as a plastic sheet, under the underlayment. Underlayment papers are not compatible with Environ™ Flex Rolls. Underlayment is necessary to prevent Environ™ Flex Rolls from damage from the weight of the floor, furniture, and people. Unavoidable wooden floor movements will not harm Environ™ Flex Rolls. Wooden floors expand and contract with temperature and moisture change. The wooden floor “moves” on top of Environ™ Flex Rolls. This movement will not damage Environ™ Flex Rolls when the installation is done correctly and the underside of the final floor covering is installed evenly. Some underlayment materials also have a noise reducing and insulating effect. When installing over concrete, a ¼” underlayment is mandatory. Any underlayment available in ¼” size is acceptable in most cases. ThermalSheet, cork, or ¼” to 3/8” of expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a density of 2 pounds per cubic foot or more, are recommended for installation under Environ™ Flex Rolls. When installing over a concrete slab, choose the underlayment with the highest R-Value.

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Can I put furniture on top of underfloor heating?

Yes, but any furniture that may trap heat, such as pieces with an enclosed bottom, should be avoided. Furniture on legs with a clearance of at least 3" is permissible.

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Is bamboo flooring a good selection for radiant heated floor?

The short answer is yes but there are some other factors to keep in mind. For example, Bamboo flooring typically has a higher thermal resistance than tile, so the heating performance may be slightly diminished. Wood, bamboo, linoleum, cork and carpet all have different R-values (from 1 to 3) and they typically use an underlayment or a pad with an R-value of 1 to 2. The question naturally arises whether the radiant heat can effectively heat through all of that. Radiant heat transfers energy depending upon the density, humidity, and thermal resistance of the object. Ideally, the lower the R-value in the floor and underlayment, the better. Some underlayments, made from synthetic rubber, have extremely low R-values and are ideal for radiant heated floors because they allow the heat to transfer through more quickly.

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Can I have one thermostat for my open floor kitchen, dining room and living room?

We usually recommend that you have an individual thermostat for each room. However, if it's an open floor plan and your local electrical code allows you to have one controller for the whole area, then it's definitely possible to have it all controlled from one thermostat.

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Do I need to acclimate the bamboo flooring to my home's temperature and moisture levels before installation?

Yes, acclimation is an important first step to extending the life of bamboo flooring. Typically you want to place it in the room where you’ll be installing it for at least 3 to 7 days, with the radiant heating system on. This allows the bamboo flooring to acclimate to the room’s standard temperature and balance with the environment. However, make sure to always defer to the bamboo flooring manufacturer's instructions.

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Will the flooring manufacturer still warrant with electric floor heating underneath?

Always check with the flooring manufacturer to see what they will cover when it comes to floor heating. In most cases there will be a floor temperature limit - this can be programmed into a programmable or smart thermostat. Check for installation instructions and requirements before adding floor heating.

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Is there anything different I should do when installing bamboo flooring over a radiant heating system?

It's important to take extra care when installing bamboo flooring over a radiant heating system. Make sure that you read both the bamboo flooring's and the radiant heating system's installation instructions carefully before beginning.

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Do I need to leave the radiant floor heating system set to one temperature with bamboo flooring?

When using bamboo flooring over radiant heat, it is best to set the temperature and leave it at that temperature. Bamboo flooring will naturally withstand temperature changes(it’s one of the many advantages of bamboo flooring), however, it performs best when radiant heat is set to a constant temperature without changing more than a few degrees per hour. Also, never let the "floor temperature" for the radiant heating system exceed the maximum temperature identified by the flooring manufacturer.

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With bamboo floors, can I add the radiant heat to just a specific section of the floor or does the whole floor need to be heated?

It is recommended that bamboo flooring is heated evenly with a "full coverage" design for the heating system.

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Can you heat under the appliances, fixtures, or furniture in a laundry room, mudroom, or utility room?

No, it is recommended that floor heating only be installed in the areas that you will walk on. Heat can become trapped if installed under objects that do not offer enough clearance for air to circulate (such as a washer or dryer).

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How can I make my living room feel warmer?

Simply set your floor heating thermostat to a comfortable temperature to maintain a nice warm floor. Your room will feel warmer and, typically, your furnace will cycle less often.

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How many watts per square foot does Environ™ deliver?

The Environ™ Flex Rolls and Easy Mats are designed to deliver 12 watts per square foot.

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What if I have cracks in my concrete slab? Will that affect the floor heating installation?

Make sure any cracks or raised edges are sanded down before installation. Seal and patch cracks where possible. If needed, pour a layer of self-leveling cement to make sure surface is level and flat. Then proceed with instructions to install desired floor heating system and flooring. It is strongly recommended that an insulating underlayment be installed between the slab and heating element to prevent heat loss.

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I have multiple Environ™ flex rolls, how do I connect them to the thermostat?

Multiple Environ™ products may be connected in parallel directly to a thermostat or through the junction box. Please ensure the total amperage of all connected mats doesn’t exceed the thermostat’s maximum load.

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How do you avoid a "spongy" feel for wood floors when using a floor heating system while still providing optimal heat transfer?

We recommend our floating floor heating system for floating wood floors, such as laminate or bamboo. With an insulating layer between the subfloor and heating system, the heating cables will settle into the underlayment making for a flat surface for the floor covering.

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What is the warranty for the Environ™ floor heating system?

Environ™ Floor Heating Systems are backed by WarmlyYours 5 and 10 year “No Nonsense™ Warranty* and WarmlyYours highly recognized lifetime 24/7 technical support. Due to the fact that we will also cover not only the cost of labor, but also the cost of the floor itself, our warranty is renowned for being an industry best. Our “No Nonsense™ Warranty” for Environ covers 5 years for under carpet applications and 10 years for under laminate or floating wood floors.

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