PRO-Tect: Pipe Freeze Protection Self-Regulating Heating Cable


  • Cable options with nominal power outputs per linear foot at 50°F (10°C) of 5W, 8W, or 10W

  • Options for 120, 208, 240, and 277 voltages

  • Automatically varies wattage for optimal energy savings

  • Can be overlapped or criss-crossed

  • Safe: cUlus Listed


Cold temperatures and non-flowing water pipes don’t mix well. Residentially, these frozen pipes can mean inconvenience and high repair costs, but in an industrial or light-commercial setting, it can mean huge losses in productivity and potential damage to expensive property. The PRO-Tect Pipe Freeze Protection Self-Regulating Heating Cable from WarmlyYours provides a reliable, energy efficient defense to protect vulnerable pipes from freezing.

This trace heating product is great for protecting pipes that are located in poorly insulated areas or that are located on perimeter walls. The durable, thermoplastic outer-jacket makes this product impervious to the elements, which means it can be used for exterior pipes and in wet locations. 

There are several other benefits offered by this pipe tracing product. For effective installation and minimal jobsite waste, we sell the heating element in several different lengths (50', 100', 250', 500', and 1,000') and with the Power Connection Kit (SR-PWR-KIT) accessory it can be trimmed and end-capped to exact size by the installer. 

The PRO-Tect heat tracing product is also self-regulating. This means the power output (watts per linear foot) of the product will fluctuate based on the cable’s temperature. This is automatic and ensures both energy efficiency and low operating costs. It also helps prevent overlapped or criss-crossed cables from overheating. 

We provide a wide range of cable lengths for our most popular heating cable product, which provides 5 watts per linear foot at 50°F (10°). For larger diameter pipes, we also offer 50' cables which, at 50°F (10°C), provide either 8 watts per linear foot or 10 watts per linear foot.  

Installation Plans

This is a real example of an installation plan that uses this product. If you want to design your own room or have any questions, please contact us.

Pipe Subfloor
N/A Voltage
240V Operating Cost
54 cents per hour

This Installation Plan Includes:

364 x
PRO-Tect: Pipe Freeze Protection Self-Regulating Heating Cable (Sold by the Foot), 5W/ft. 240 VAC

Customer Questions & Answers

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Will heat tape really keep my pipes from freezing?

Simply put, yes--the right type of heat tape will really keep your pipes from freezing. By applying gentle heat, heat tape can prevent the water in your pipes from turning to ice and blocking the flow of water--or worse. Combined with proper insulation, heat tape regulates the overall temperature of your water pipes.

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Can heat tape start a fire?

No, as long as it's properly installed. However, improper installation, use, and/or maintenance of electrical heating cable can cause fires, electric shock, and/ or frozen pipes.

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Will pipe freeze protection cables work on DC voltage?

No. They are not designed to be powered by DC voltage. They must be used with AC voltage. 

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What is heat trace?

Heat trace, heat tape, or heating cable for pipes is typically an electric heating cable that can be attached to the pipe which helps keep non-flowing water pipes in poorly insulated perimeter walls flowing despite harsh winter temperatures.

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How long does it take for pipes to unfreeze if heat tape is installed?

Unfortunately there's no set answer for this because it depends on many factors such as the diameter of the pipes, the installation density of the heating cables, the outdoor temperature, the installation of thermal insulation sleeves, etc.

There are too many variables to provide an accurate answer. Even though this product is designed to keep pipes from freezing, it is not designed to thaw pipes. If your pipe has frozen with the heat tape installed and energized, please check the placement of the built-in thermostat and verify that the insulation has been properly installed and waterproofed.

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Roof heat cables, Yes!

Gigi D., La Grange, IL on 02/11/2022

Product works great. WarmlyYours terrific; prepared me with all the necessary information for the installation and back end support if we needed it at the time of installation. I’ll be back.

Amazing Products and Customer Service

Anna H., Elburn, IL on 09/24/2021

I have been a customer with WarmlyYours for about a year now, and i wanted to compliment the amazing products and customer service. Customer Service Representative, Troy, has been so helpful and prompt, it makes ordering a breeze

Great Design Support

Dave R., Woodstock, IL on 05/25/2017

Easy product to install. In stock and quick delivery. Great design support.

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