Sunset over Seattle and Mt. RainierSituated on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests, and encompasses thousands of acres of parkland that earned it the nickname, "Emerald City". Renowned for its thriving tech industry, both Microsoft and Amazon are headquartered in Seattle’s metropolitan area. Its most recognizable landmark, the futuristic Space Needle, is a legacy of the 1962 World’s Fair and currently draws over a million visitors annually.

From October through March, Seattle experiences precipitation on average half of every month. Annually 42 percent of the year consists of some rainfall. Although the temperatures are moderate, damp conditions can make you feel colder in your home than your thermostat setting might indicate. That’s where radiant floor heating comes in as the perfect solution to take the chill off. 

Visiting Guests Made Welcome with Radiant Floor Heating

This Seattle homeowner chose to add a basement bedroom for visiting friends and family, which made it the perfect time to consider in-floor heating to warm up the cold basement floor. She purchased a WarmlyYours TempZone™ flex roll floor heating system to keep her guest bedroom comfortably cozy during the winter rainy season. The 1.5- by 52-foot Flex Roll fills 78 square feet of floor space and costs $741, which equates to just $9.50 per square foot. The Flex Roll is easy to cut and turn to effectively fill the floor space with 15 watts per square foot of soothing radiant heat. (see floor plan)

Basement Floorplan with Radiant HeatOperating the floor heating is also affordable. According to WarmlyYours’ Energy Use Calculator, it only costs 37 cents a day to heat this bedroom for eight hours. Annually, that comes out to just $96.23, based on WarmlyYours’ Heat Loss Calculator. The highest the monthly electric bill for this room would reach is $16.73 during the coldest month of the year. Another bonus is that the floor heating system can be the primary heat source for this room, so there won’t be any additional heating bills.

Instant Quote Tool Shows Radiant Heating Options Side-by-side 

To see how much it would cost to heat a room in your basement or any other room in your home you can check out WarmlyYours’ Instant Quote tool online. By submitting some information such as square footage of the room and flooring type, you’ll see a side-by-side comparison of all the radiant heating options for your room, including how much each one costs. 

Although this Seattle homeowner chose the TempZone™ flex roll option, the comparison shows her chosen option along with two alternatives utilizing TempZone™ cable as noted below.  

TempZone floor heating system comparison sheetOption 1: TempZone™ Cable with Prodeso membrane - $875.00 
Provides Maximum Flexibility with Easy Installation
100% Coverage
3.75” cable spacing

8 – 10 watts/sq ft²

Option 2: TempZone™ Flex Roll - $741.00
Provides Cut-and-Turn Format for Easy Installation
100% Coverage
3.0” spacing with flex roll
15 watts/sq ft²

Option 3: TempZone™ Cable - $480.00
Provides Maximum Flexibility at a Minimal Cost
96% Coverage
3.0” spacing with fixing strips 
10 – 12 watts/sq ft²

Both of the cable systems with Prodeso membrane or fixing strips have further spacing options that can reduce the price, but will affect the total coverage percentage and the total watts/sq ft² of radiant heat. For more information explore the Instant Quote tool. 

In addition to the Instant Quote tool, you can also upload your floor plan online to get a more detailed installation plan, which shows exactly how the floor-heating system should be laid out. This plan makes installation easier for you or your installer and also gives our technical team more information to help you during your installation if you have any questions.

Our technical support experts are available 24/7 at 800-875-5285. For more information on all our radiant heating products, visit our website at We have the solution for all your radiant heating needs.

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