Bob's BathroomBob from California recently wrote us such a great note that I thought it should be shared. Thanks for the kind words, Bob!

"This is my second install. The first was last year under a Master Bath Travertine Floor. Your tech staff and customer service are excellent and made the process as easy as possible, and the system works better than advertised. See picture attached.

The current install is under Travertine, once again, in the Guest Bath.

One suggestion – although I am not a qualified electrician – I am knowledgeable enough to use an ohm meter and follow directions. Your language, when referring to the hot and cold leads must be standardized. In some paragraphs across numerous documents these two leads are referred to as “cold” and “hot, “ “beginning” and “end,” “yellow” and “white.” I am sure that you have tackled this subject before, but from the DIY user’s standpoint, it can be confusing. Since both leads are marked with white and yellow tape, why don’t these two terms become the standard.

By the way, our first install (Travertine over concrete slab) did not follow your suggestion for insulation to be placed under the mesh/cable. Since we are in Southern California we didn’t think it necessary. The mesh/cable is laid on the slab, tacked down with glue gun and then concrete used to float the floor level – anywhere from 1/8 inch to ½ inch, ¼ thinset on top of that and then the travertine which is 5/8ths. And it works perfectly!! Literally hot.

We are doing the same for the Guest Bath. If I had to do it over again, I’d rip out the Travertine in the kitchen/dining room and install the Warmly Yours system. We had planned to do it originally but chickened out, and now we are sorry."