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Casa Loma in Toronto, Ontario

A man’s home is his castle.

Casa Loma photo courtesy of Paul (dex)

This was especially true for Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. For most of his life, he dreamed of creating a medieval castle on the brow of a hill in Toronto, Canada. In order to realize his vision, Sir Henry appointed E.J. Lenox as his architect. In 1911, the construction required the labor of 300 men within a 3-year time period, before Casa Loma was completed.

Today, Casa Loma is one of the top ten tourist attractions and hospitality venues in Toronto. With its unique architecture and enchanting gardens, Casa Loma is one of the grandest residences ever constructed in Canada. At 98 rooms, it is also the largest residence in Canada.

Casa Loma luxury bathrooms

Along with the great number of rooms, Casa Loma is equipped with various exquisite amenities such as an elevator, ovens large enough to cook an ox, two vertical passages for pipe organs, and two secret passageways in Sir Henry's ground-floor office.

At the time the castle was built, there were 30 bathrooms complete with all gold plated fixtures. In fact, one of the most remarkable rooms in Casa Loma is Sir Henry's private, all marble, gold-fixture bathroom. This amazing bathroom has proven to be ahead of its time with a custom-designed shower complete with an 18 inch diameter showerhead intended to fully surround the body with water. He did not even have to turn around in his shower in order to be thoroughly washed.

Sir Henry knew that the biggest investment in the home is the bathroom, yet little did Sir Henry know that there was a crucial element missing to make his bathroom truly fit for a king.

Casa Loma beautiful marble bathroom

By installing electric radiant floor heating, Sir Henry could have completely transformed his bathroom into the sanctuary he intended it to be. Since the bathroom is almost completely made up of marble, it’s attractiveness and antimicrobial properties can be overshadowed by the amount of cold that is absorbed. In order to warm up the cold marble floor, he would have needed to install electric radiant floor heating.

Not only does electric floor heating bring warmth to any cold surface, it also brings an incomparable sensation of luxury and tranquility into any room in your home. Thanks to the continuing advancement of technology, today you can be the envy of even Sir Henry. WarmlyYours can help you create your own castle and transform your bathroom into the luxury space you have always desired.

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