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Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests in 5 Easy Steps

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The holidays are just around the corner, which means you may soon be expecting an influx of house guests. Everyone from your mother-in-law to your college roommate could soon step through your front door. Are you ready? Before the doorbell rings and you start carrying in luggage, create a checklist of things to get done around the house to make your guests' stay pleasant. 

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A snow melting system will help keep
your driveway clear for your holiday visitors.

Establish where the guests will actually stay 

Start your holiday hosting preparations by designating a space in your home for overnight guests. Ideally, this would be a spare bedroom. However, basements as well as living rooms or family rooms are also good options. If you have decided to carve out an area in a public room, find ways to make it private. For example, you can put up a folding screen in your living room to section off space where your guests will sleep. This area should also be private enough that the person staying can work or read undisturbed. 

Anticipate what your visitor is going to need 

Whether you are using a spare bedroom or basement to accommodate overnight visitors this holiday season, you'll want to be sure the room attends to their needs. First and foremost, you must create a soft place to sleep such as a bed, futon, sofa or air mattress. Provide a reading lamp in case your guest would like to stay up late to fit in a good book. Be sure the room is well stocked with extra blankets in case the person is cold. Clean the linens and comforter before anyone arrives. Outlets should be easy to access so that your guest can charge his or her electronic devices, and place an alarm clock on the nightstand in case your visitor needs to follow a schedule. 

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A little personal space can make
a big difference this holiday season.

Make sure that your guests have their own space 

One holiday-certainty is that your guests will not come empty handed. In addition to gifts and mixed-veggie trays, your visitors will have their own luggage. It’s important to make sure that your guests have a place of their own to put their things. 

The closet of your guest bedroom should be cleaned out before people start to arrive. Move stored items elsewhere in the house so that your visitors can use the closet for their personal belongings. 

Ultimately, giving your guests a clear place to put their belongings will help cut down on your post-holiday cleaning.

Get your bathroom in order before your visitors arrive

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Make sure your bathroom is up to snuff.
It's the one room everyone will use.

Choose a bathroom - preferably on the same floor as the guest room - that visitors can use. Provide the room with clean towels in a range of sizes. Also stock the bathroom with toiletries, such as small shampoo and conditioner bottles, a new toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste in case your guest has forgotten a few essentials. Make sure your bathroom has a surface on which visitors can place their items. If you are expecting guests to have an extended stay, this prevents them from having to constantly drag their toiletries back and forth from the bathroom to their bedroom. 

The winter holiday months can get chilly. When your guest steps out of the shower or bathtub, they are bound to feel the cold. Avoid this problem by installing an electric towel warmer in the guest bathroom. This heats up their towel while they bathe so they can wrap themselves in comfort once they exit the shower.

Little extra touches can make a big impression 

Before the holidays arrive, complete a few quick projects that will add comfort to your home. One way to do that is to add dimmer switches to your home. By turning down the intensity of the lights, you are creating an intimate atmosphere in your home. This is especially nice in the guest room so that your visitor can unwind in the low light or in a dining room where you'll entertain others.

Nothing can kill the holiday good cheer like waking up to cold kitchen and bathroom floors. Avoid this by installing electric floor heating. The installation process is quick and simple, and the WarmlyYours team is available 24/7 to provide extra guidance. 

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