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Give Your Master Bedroom A Sense Of Adventure With Exotic Interior Design

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There's no question that sometimes the regular grind of the daily 9 to 5 isn't really made easier by an equally average bedroom. If you're tired of your same-old décor that feels as unoriginal as white bread, why not mix things up a bit with some exotic and foreign influences? Reach out to other cultures for a taste of variety you may never have considered before.

Bedroom Lifestyle Stock Photo

If you're hunkering down for a New England autumn and early winter, using a balmy locale for design influence couldn't hurt. But why not take the plunge on some actual heat for when things get cold? Investing in radiant floor heating is a great and eco-friendly way to keep your bedroom nice a cozy during the most brutal of fall chills and winter snowstorms.

Want to complement that radiant heat and cozy convection currents? Consider these design inspirations.

1. Mediterranean villa. Warm sea breezes and the entire history of Classical architecture will help you find the right look for your master bedroom. Why not bring in some Romanesque pedestal tables as night stands, or consider touching up your wainscoting with a Grecian column or two? Go for a sandy pink color scheme throughout the room, with highlights of sky white and sea blue to accent.

2. African safari. While a stack of Hemingway novels might be key to this ambiance, you can bring a sense of adventure and majesty to your bedroom with décor. Instead of bland mosquito netting, give your bed the four-poster treatment with something just as exotic but more colorful, like linen curtains. Why not take the opportunity to touch up your space with a few houseplants as well? Color scheme? Gold and blue with verdant green highlights.

3. Middle Eastern tower. Draw from a range of influences here, including scarlet red bed covers and plush pillows on dark mahogany furniture. You'll also want to redesign your windows with a Tudor or Gothic arch.

4. Americana. You certainly don't need to look far for a dose of the exotic. America is much more than a giant landmass, it's a melting pot of cultural variety. While Americana might cull up Norman Rockwell and sandlot games of baseball, it's a much more diverse term than that. Every culture and subculture has its own variation on America after all!

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