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The Most Important Item You Need When Heating on a Slab

CeraZorb Underlayment Diagram

CeraZorb® is a synthetic cork underlayment that is installed between your radiant heating system and the concrete slab. It acts as a barrier between the two materials, so the warmth from your radiant heating system will go upward through the flooring substrate instead of downward into the concrete.

To install the system, just follow these four basic steps:

1. Prepare the slab.

First, make sure your concrete slab is level and clean. You can use a self-leveler to get rid of any divots or imperfections in the concrete. Then sweep up any debris and wipe the slab down with a damp sponge to ensure that it’s totally clean.

2. Apply thinset.

Spread latex-modified thinset with a 1/8-inch key-notch trowel on top of the slab. You can use the flat edge to spread the thinset out; then go back over it with the notched edge.

3. Lay out the underlayment.

Lay a section of CeraZorb® underlayment on top and firmly push it down into the thinset. Note: Make sure the seams of your underlayment are staggered so that there isn’t one continuous seam across the room. You can do this by measuring and cutting the underlayment according to your room’s layout before you begin your project.

4. Strengthen the adhesion.

Once all of the underlayment is laid out, use a roller to roll over it to ensure that you have good adhesion to the slab.

For a visual of the installation process, check out the video below.

If you’re heating a basement, garage, or any other room on a slab, you’ll want to make sure you insulate between the heating element and the slab. You can use this blog as a reference, but if you have any questions during your installation, feel free to contact WarmlyYours’ technical support team. They’re available 24/7 at 800-875-5285 to help walk you through your project!

By insulating your slab before you install radiant floor heating, you’ll maximize the amount of heat that fills your room. Say goodbye to cold zones!

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