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The Top Design Trends of 2017

Kitchen Laminate or Tile Flooring

The saying goes, “When one door closes, another opens.” The year 2016 has officially “closed the door” on many design trends that we knew and loved, but with the new year comes a new door full of exciting designs. Below are seven new trends to expect this year.

1. Green

Pantone’s Color of 2017 has been announced, and it might surprise you. It’s far from the gray, taupe or even blue colors that we’ve seen gain in popularity the past couple of years. The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery, which is a bright yellowish-green color. Pantone says the color represents refreshment and revitalization. Be ready to see it in a lot of residential and commercial designs this year!

2. Geometric patterns

From walls to area rugs to kitchen backsplashes, geometric patterns are in. Whether your home is modern, industrial or transitional, there is a place for a geometric pattern.

3. Faux finishes

This year, faux is fashionable. And we’re not talking about faux fur. For the home, faux applies to more durable, affordable materials that mimic the original. This can apply to countertops, flooring, ceiling beams and even decorative foliage. For example, faux marble (engineered quartz) countertops can better withstand heat and acidity than natural marble, but they feature a similar beautiful look.

4. Jewel tones

Gray and beige paint colors are still very popular, which makes jewel tones a necessity in home design. Without a pop of color, a home is left looking sterile and boring. Showcase some emerald green or sapphire blue in your artwork, furniture, pillows and other home décor to balance out your home’s color palette and keep it feeling lively.

5. Cork walls

This trend might sound strange, but when used properly, it makes perfect sense. By adding a cork wall to your kitchen or office, you can get organized and show off your personality in a big way. Remember when chalkboard and whiteboard paint first got popular? A cork wall is the new chalkboard or whiteboard wall.

6. Bold front doors

We’ve discussed adding a pop of color throughout your interior home décor, but in 2017 you’ll also see it outside. Realtor.com says that plain, standard front doors are out and colorful ones are in. Just choose a color that represents you and your home and paint away!

7. Artisanal décor

With DIY projects gaining more and more traction across platforms like Pinterest and Etsy, home décor that can’t be made by anyone will be the new gold standard. For instance, hand-blown vases and intricate woodworking will earn new value and make beautiful statement pieces in homes.

By employing these trends in your home, you’re sure to have a vibrant, beautiful home packed full of personality. It’s time to make 2017 the year of you!

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