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When Does Remodeling Occur?

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Whether you’re giving your bathroom an overhaul or adding a new addition to your home, it’s important to take the time of year into consideration. Most remodeling occurs when the weather is nice during the summer, but that isn’t always best. A lot depends on the availability of resources and the type of remodeling you're hoping to do. Plan your next project accordingly to get the best results and even save money.

Winter Months

House in blizzard
Heavy winter snow can also wreak havoc on project deadlines
and make it difficult to go in and out of the house

Even if the project needs to be done during the summer, you should plan ahead to save some money and headaches. Winter months are usually the slow season for contractors and builders. If you need a contractor or builder for your project, it may be best to reach out during their slow season. They will have more time to focus on your project, which could mean better quality work and fewer mistakes.

Supplies are also cheaper during the down season. Summer is filled with remodeling projects, therefore the supplies are in high demand and the prices reflect that. Without a large demand for building supplies, the price will decrease. If possible, buy your supplies during the winter months and store them until it’s time for the project.

Spring Months

Spring is often one of the busiest times for builders. Most people have just gotten their tax refund checks and are ready to begin their remodels, so contractors are busy and prices are higher. However, patios, decks, and outdoor rooms are projects that are best done during spring months. Outdoor conditions are most pleasant during this time, as it doesn't get too hot. Then the patio or deck can be enjoyed and used through summer and fall.

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Remodeling occurs when you need it to,
but proper timing can make everything easier

Summer Months

Like spring, summer is one of the busiest times for builders and contractors. This may be a good time to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Summer and winter are best for indoor projects for the same reason: harsh weather. You will want to avoid doing work in the attic, as the heat rises and it may become too hot to work in the area. Roofing is a project often done in the summer because in order for the roofing material to seal it needs to have rather high temperatures. Always be cautious of the heat during summer projects.

Fall Months

Fall is usually the time most projects are being wrapped up. It isn’t always ideal to start a remodeling project during this time because of the holidays. However, it can be a good time to save money and find a free contractor or builder if you don’t mind the construction during the holidays. Like spring, this is a good time to do outside renovations because of the mild weather, but be mindful that frozen ground and cold conditions are just around the corner.

There are renovations to be done at every time of the year. If you plan your project and buy supplies in winter you will save money and get the full attention of your contractor. Outside renovations are best done in spring or fall and summer and winter are best reserved for inside renovations. There are exceptions to every rule and these rules may vary slightly depending on your geographical location.

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Fall can be a great time to install snow melting systems.

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